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  1. baby chaos

    claiming my first message trophy

    Tnx Josh. Forgive my newbie gushiness. Can't help myself it seems. Trophies happily received w much fun had in their taking. Alas the same cannot b said for my photography skills...still working on that...!
  2. baby chaos

    thanks dw1305. i've been reading your posts, threads for months n find your take particularly...

    thanks dw1305. i've been reading your posts, threads for months n find your take particularly informative n in line with my own thinking - is it a british thang?! ecology of planted aquarium chick - d walstaad? for eg - v influenced by her philosophy n i c you've ref'd her few times. anyway...
  3. baby chaos

    Snail eating tankmates for Agassizii

    tell me more jumpmaster. i agree that snails are an important element of any natural fishy ecosystem, but i'd like to hear more on the "indicator of problems" point you make - would you kindly elucidate from your own experiences? many thanks :-) bc
  4. baby chaos

    Piece of a river...

    colouration on the bottom aggie - beautiful: ah! those little turquoise flecks. gotta love 'em.
  5. baby chaos

    Nannostomus beckfordi and apisto fry

    mine predate. even though it's a deep tank, they hang right at the bottom, usually picking off cory feeding flotsam. the girls don't give them much of a chance though, feisty mamas that they are. i've read (on this forum, of course!) that the trifasciatus are a more sedate tank mate, no doubt...
  6. baby chaos

    y'aright? fae Edinburgh

    spotted my first juvie - yea! must be first generation: about 2cm. just not quick enough with the camera for the peek-a-boos betwixt the leaves, dang it. still trying to hone my photography skills, but moving subjects in low lighting with a bow front is seriously stumping me! none of the various...
  7. baby chaos

    Hi From holland

    Hello stijn from the netherlands, welcome :) I too am a new member so its probably nt my place to be issuing the welcomes, but I know how nice it is to get feedback of any sort. Nt only am I new to the forum but also to keeping apistos so I'm sure I'll be of no use to u as an information...
  8. baby chaos


    Hey :) Welcome. That old saying ladies first applies w our lil apisto pals. No reproach intended but given the mts (;)) figured u might find it useful - took me a wee while to stumble across that nugget somewhere amidst this minefield of wonders. Unlike u, lucky Joe, I've only the one main tank...
  9. baby chaos

    Apisto biotope

    Tnx for the tip. I was hoping to catch daddy cac swimming through a sun beam in the late afternoon. Their colours are truly at their most vibrant in sunlight, but I don't know how to overcome the reflection factor with the curved glass. Cheers and happy apisto-keeping :-)
  10. baby chaos

    Apisto biotope

    How do u get such gd pics w ur bow front? I always hav awful reflections that obscure the subjects n if I close the curtains n don't use flash (to avoid reflection) it's too underexposed coz I use low lighting in my tank. Any ideas? One of the moderators asked for photos n my attempts so far...
  11. baby chaos

    y'aright? fae Edinburgh

    Thanks for the reply and for sharing your experience. You are right that a community tank is not a breeding tank and I certainly wouldn't recommend a community set up for those with only breeding in mind. I'm encouraged to hear that a small handful of your fry have made it to the juvenile stage...
  12. baby chaos

    y'aright? fae Edinburgh

    thanks for the like, MickeM, it gave me a wee flutter :) - so easily pleased!!
  13. baby chaos

    y'aright? fae Edinburgh

    Thanks for the welcome and congrats, Josh. My avatar is in fact a poor attempt at capturing my set up in picture but due to my technical incompetence it's been squashed sideways, making it look taller than it is (it is indeed a tall, bow-fronted corner aquarium at 60cm in height, 120cm across...
  14. baby chaos

    Apisto biotope

    Great progression in picture. Nice :-) ... great photos of both tank n fish.
  15. baby chaos

    Hello from Lancashire, UK

    Nice work, John. I noticed u hadn't had a reply n I rather enjoyed a simple "like". Any feedback is welcome, huh? :-)
  16. baby chaos

    claiming my first message trophy

    I see there are trophies for the taking, tho' I'm not yet sure what that means... Just responding to the trophy offer. Am I supposed to come up with something different and interesting or can one claim their trophy without reference to the content of the post?! I hope my new member introductory...
  17. baby chaos

    y'aright? fae Edinburgh

    Hiya. Just posting in per admin request. Been reading this forum for months now so thought it about time I create my own profile. Thanks to everyone for their informative posts, they've been a fantastic help to me in understanding how to create an apisto-perfect environment. I must be doing...