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    Crenicichla notophthalmus frys

    These Notos are true. The males has the first 3 fin spike just like the German Rams and the females has the ocelli (my females have two) and with the red halo. I'm glad I have a true pair and also a reverse trio. No eggs yet but the female is beginning to fatten up nicely so hopefully in the...
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    Crenicichla notophthalmus frys

    This batch didn't turn out. They had 2 more spawn after and the last recent spawn there were Frys. I would say bout 50 or more but I still kept them in the community tank and the frys were eaten by the Rams. Well I'm waiting for another batch and I'm ready to move them into their own 10 gallon...
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    Crenicichla notophthalmus frys

    Hi all. I have been working with these for awhile and just got these guys to breed in my 75 community tank and it has tons of frys. My question is should I remove the frys or wait till the get bigger. I don't want the other fish picking them off. I checked the cave this morning and the frys...
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    WTB Crenicichla Notopthalmus

    I haven't been here for awhile but I was seeing if anyone on here have seen any of these for sale. I Just purchased 2 male and 1 female and looking for another pair if there is any for sale. I am in the process of trying to breed these in my 75 gallon tank. I'm located in Portland,Oregon. Thank you.
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    Lets Talk Dicrossus

    One of the best little guys I've kept. I kept them with my altums and riding great it their water parameters. I purchased them when the were juvies and grown to some gorgeous fishes. Too sad to say after a year with these guys male and female just recently passed dont know why. I still got a...
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    F1 Leopard Frog Plecos for sale

    Hey AM, I was just thinking about your fishes the other day. I'm interested in some of the LFP. How much are you selling individually? I'm also want to find out how much shipping would be as well. So no L260 yet? Do you know when I'm interested in a few since to add to my news group. Thanks.
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    Pleco L260 QA

    Hey Darrel, Thanks for the feed back. Yeah I've seen these guys a few times from a pet shop I go to a lot and the Guy is willing to give it to me at a discount since I asked for the small group that he has. They look small but I would say 2 at almost 2 inch and 1 at a bit over 2. Well that made...
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    Pleco L260 QA

    I was wondering if anyone here knows how much the queen arabesque are going for now on the market. I'm going to pick some up at a discount price of $60 per fish for 2 inch. Is this worth it?
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    Dicrossus Maculatus

    They are some gorgeous fishes. If you come across them definitely pick them up not only a pair but a few if the price is reasonable I know they do get expensive. I picked up 3 pairs when I bought mine when they were small about $15 each. I end up with 5 males and 1 female which 3 males died...
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    Moving Dicrossus Maculatus Fries from tank

    I'll try that w/ this batch and see what happens to them. Well if all fails I just get a tank divider and put the f/m there so next time around for when they breed I'll just have the female w/ the fries on the other side of the tank. I just don't wanna move the pair due to I don't want to cause...
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    Moving Dicrossus Maculatus Fries from tank

    I was wondering if I should move the fries from the main tank into a smaller tank to grow them out. This is my second batch which I think from the first batch when I tried to move them I think I might of killed the first bunch by using a dropper. Well now I have about 30-40 fries again in my 55...
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    Alder Cone questions

    I use alder cones in my Altum tank w/ some discrossus. I used to have mouth fungus w/ my altums and since I started using alder it cleared it up. I use one alder per gallon and every 5/6 days when I do a water change I just dump out the old and add another handful. From my experience I don't...
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    WTB Taeniacara candidi

    It's pretty hard to find a pair of these for sale but there are some going on aquabid. I have been looking for some myself which I bought 6 from Wetspot Tropical and hoping to get a pair but to find out they were all males due to they were too young to be sexed. Happy hunting...
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    Enjoy yall Apisto enthusiast

    Oh yeah just wait for it. There will be an introduction part for the first few minutes.
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    Enjoy yall Apisto enthusiast

    Hey I came across this video when I was trying to find out how to raise Dicrossus Maculatus. This video is in German but I think this is a great video if your trying to create a apisto biotope. It will take time for the video to download but I think the video is very educational. For anyone who...
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    Need Help..got lucky

    :biggrin: I was wondering if I could keep a pair of dicrossus maculatas in a 5 gallon tank for breeding. I just purchsed a pair of wilds and luckly I got a male and female and the female started laying eggs. I don't know though when I got them they were abit over an inch but now the female is...
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    FS/FT Pearl Chromide

    I have a group of 6 3" Etroplus canarensis will to trade or sale. Interested email me.
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    Etroplus canarensis

    Love these Pearls. I read about these a year ago and have been eyeing for them for awhile and to my surprise as I was walking in my LFS the other day there was a group so I decided to get a group of 6. I'll be keeping these guys w/ my Altums in a 55 gallon temp qt tank until I get my 90gallon in.
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    Apisto breeder that are west of Texas

    "Not either sick" well I would assume you would like disease free apistos, correct? So is there a specific apisto that you are interested in and wanting to find the sex of them?
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    WTB T.candidi

    All sold-out