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  1. Aquaticloch

    Dicrosuss Wortzeli & Fiorini

    I saw foirni in Canada this year, from a reputable seller. They were advertised to breeders but I’m not sure who has them now. Seriously considered buying a group.
  2. Aquaticloch

    Can someone help ID my Apisto??

    Looks D50 to me, or another mouthbrooder, others will have commentary as well.
  3. Aquaticloch

    Alto Tapiche?

    IMO the male looks like D39 but better photos would be needed, and maybe some true experts can chime in. He is absolutely not an Alto tapiche from what i can see. However, from what i can see, still a nice fish.
  4. Aquaticloch

    55G apisto stocking

    In short no. That tank is already a compromise for all fish. Especially the tiger dario pairs with apistos. I think it would be foolhardy to put a more aggressive and demanding apisto in a very precarious situation. Do you have photos of the tank?
  5. Aquaticloch

    A. Cacautoides MM pair - one fatality

    Breeding female apistos are extremely aggressive depending on a variety of factors, I have seen my erythura female chase the male (5x the size) and large bristlenose plecos around the entire aquarium. This is again dependant largely on individuals, and species. Make sure that neither of the...
  6. Aquaticloch

    Apistogramma cacatuoides fry growth rate.

    I dont think it's possible to attribute total docility to mixing of genetics, this allows for a larger genetic pool, however wild fish are not more docile than domestic fish, as a whole. This is not something dependent on wild or not fish, however it is highly variable on catch location and each...
  7. Aquaticloch

    "Rio Orinoco Biotope" (20 Gallon long) advice.

    I’ll return it to a biotope. In progress of selling the fish, save for one pair and move them to another tank. They are old now, and breeding on their own. I’ll return it to the black water state when I can, considering adding some pencils and my single velifera male.
  8. Aquaticloch

    "Rio Orinoco Biotope" (20 Gallon long) advice.

    Long Overdue update, the tank persists, still blackwater tank now on the third generation of iniridae in the aquarium, rasing themselves with the occasional mosquito larvae feeding! I never added anything else, just a pair to begin with. The initial grade 10 school project devolved into so much...
  9. Aquaticloch

    A. Cacatuoides fry(s,es?)gone

    There are 3 likely options for where the fry grow, a. cacatuodies generally can raise more than 50 fry at a time, new mothers less. 1. The mother ate the fry, this sometimes happens with new parents 2. Not enough micro food for the fry to feed on, supplement multiple times daily with bbs (baby...
  10. Aquaticloch

    Unknown plant

    That's native to India, looks similar though! There seems to be lots of slender leafed stem plants in the hobby. Speaking of which, i'm curious, does anyone (maybe @dw1305) know if this trait is because of ease of transport/ propagation from waterbirds, (staying on the legs of birds,) maybe...
  11. Aquaticloch

    Dicrossus 420 L

    I've had to deal with cyano in one of my blackwater tanks, how i removed it was scrubbing all the sticks very well and removing them and letting dry in the sun for a few days, then scrubbing again. You can boil them as well. Removal is more difficult if the cyano is on the sand, I just removed...
  12. Aquaticloch

    Male and female juveinata?

    Yes they look to me like a male and female macmasteri, true Viejita are not often seen in the hobby.
  13. Aquaticloch

    Apistogramma ID help please

    It does look like a male with the fins but most domestic agassizii females now have spangling and coloured fins. The dark spot too, and showing those colours for a year makes me think it’s a female. Also the fact that the dorsal is quite small. If there are no other males in the tank I think the...
  14. Aquaticloch

    Apistogramma ID help please

    Looks like the ID is correct
  15. Aquaticloch

    Apistogramma and Kribensis in a tank?

    I agree with macZ, Bolivian rams and (balloon) mikrogeophagus ramirezi as well as corydoras trilineatus, gouramis and garras all in the same tank is a recipe for disaster. They all require drastically different parameters. Just because it may have worked for years does not mean you are not...
  16. Aquaticloch

    Is this a female Apisto Rio mamore

    That is indeed an erythrura male, and a female which looks like baenschi.
  17. Aquaticloch

    Agassizii infertility?

    I would generally disagree with what you said here, Agaaaizii are and have been domesticated for dozens of generations and decades of time, such as this morph shown on this post. After so long, adapting to common conditions kept in aquaria they do not still have the same amount of calcification...
  18. Aquaticloch

    Harems or Single Pairs?

    what species, and how much agression is there?
  19. Aquaticloch

    Male or female??

    I’m going to hazard a guess: I think it’s a female but ad Mac said it’s hard to tell.
  20. Aquaticloch

    Hongsloi m/f identification

    First of all, thats a nice male apistogramma hongsloi and a nannacara anomala female. I have no clue how that mix-up occurred, but they are incompatible together. I know that others answering this thread will likely be quite harsh about the substrate, lack of live plants, decor, and hardscape...