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  1. Eddy. E.

    Internal parasites treatment

    You can assume that, if at all, only remnants are sold. Then you should get a small stock there. Flagellol would be the best way to combat protozoan. Levamisole is the better alternative to Praziquantel only if the fish do not eat anymore, because Levamisole is absorbed through the gills.
  2. Eddy. E.

    Apistogramma problem with eyes

    https://apistogramma.com/forum/threads/the-effect-of-sea-almond-leaves-in-aquaristics.24748/ May be a help. ;-)
  3. Eddy. E.

    Sickly P. subocellatus

    I would try a combination of salt in conjunction with methylene blue or malachite green oxalate. To me, this looks very much like a bacterial infection. The mucosa here looks like it is severely affected. In order for possible mucosal lesions to close, the salt would have to be used. I would...
  4. Eddy. E.

    Accepted color varients?

    https://www.fishbase.se/search.php imho it should help you a lot. Use "Apistogramma" as a search keyword.
  5. Eddy. E.

    Sexing my Electric blue rams

    Electric blue "balloon" rams? Seriously? Again, it just looks like a new modern breeding experiment nonsense to me, without any natural sense. Tastes are indeed, different.
  6. Eddy. E.

    Hello from UK Portsmouth

    On picture 1 and 2 I recognize a female in each case. Picture 3 makes on me rather the impression, as if we have to do it with a not yet full colored male.
  7. Eddy. E.

    Apistogramma cf. Agassizii (netz) eggs don’t hatch

    A fairly simple way to chill water down is to use a small, second-hand refrigerator. To do this, drill a suitable hole on each side and pass the hose through it. Inside you put several loops until the water reaches the necessary temperature, which you can measure at the other end, outside. By...
  8. Eddy. E.

    Need help sexing my apisto cac. Orange flash

    I am sorry. I was just wondering and overlooked the sponge filter.
  9. Eddy. E.

    Apistogramma cf. Agassizii (netz) eggs don’t hatch

    This is, from my point of view, a weak argument, because those who care for fish should have informed themselves about this necessity beforehand. And that also includes the necessary effort. If you want a clutch of eggs, even offspring, then you have to make a little more effort. If not, then...
  10. Eddy. E.

    Need help sexing my apisto cac. Orange flash

    Why do you use a aerator in your tank? Do you have an Oxygen problem?
  11. Eddy. E.

    uvc steriliser?

    I'm with Mac on this one. If rainwater is normally harvested through the roof and then collected in barrels or drums, you have at most the problem of an organic input of what accumulates on the roof. That can easily be filtered out via activated carbon. UV sterilization is not required.
  12. Eddy. E.

    Opps. That happened faster than expected. Not ready.

    Breeding Apistogramma offspring to a respectable, saleable size, possibly even in pairs, is no easy matter. It takes time and some effort. I wish you that you can overcome the hurdles.
  13. Eddy. E.

    Other beautiful species of Apistogramma

    You are talking about superspecies and several geopgraphic populations, etc. i was stating about intra-species aggression, during the breeding season. Maybe we were just talking at cross purposes.
  14. Eddy. E.

    Other beautiful species of Apistogramma

    Already agreed. I have different information on this from a local ichthyologist/biologist. Especially with regard to intra-species aggression during the breeding season.
  15. Eddy. E.

    Hey Everyone, I'm trying to build a community tank in Philly!

    I don't want to denigrate you, but I think you should leave it to dreaming. What you have in mind is not a good idea. Your aquarium is already very strangely stocked. I can't help thinking that you're choosing your species based on like and dislike. At least your composition doesn't show any...
  16. Eddy. E.

    Other beautiful species of Apistogramma

    After digging through my sources, I can confirm your information. An alternative name to Apistogramma sp. Wilhelmi is therefore A. sp. Abacaxis. This river, a well-known area for discus fishes, belongs to the inlet of the Rio Madeira. A. sp. Wilhelmi has not yet been scientifically described...
  17. Eddy. E.

    Hi from Canada

    Welcome to this illustrious round of Apistogramma freaks. ;-)
  18. Eddy. E.

    Hi from the UK

    Welcome to the holy chamber of Apistogramma. ;-)
  19. Eddy. E.

    Is oak safe for use in the aquarium with dwarf cichild and 'blackwater' conditions ?

    If the glue is allowed to cure beforehand, there should be no problems. As I said, "should", as is always the case.
  20. Eddy. E.

    Other beautiful species of Apistogramma

    Apistogramma abacaxis is Apistogramma wilhelmi sp. abacaxis. Its original habitat is in the Amazon and in Lago Glemende on the Rio Abacaxis. The latter habitat also gave the animal the alternative synonym Apistogramma abacaxis. However, it is an A. wilhelmi. By the way, this species can become...