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    Help me to choose between few apistogrammas

    This is really bad advice, you should not have two male apistos in one tank and for both trifasciata and hongsloi you’d need a group of females per male and lots of cover. I agree that borellii are your best option
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    My apistogrammas keep dying (help)

    I haven’t read all the comments but this seems really simple to me. Apistogramma are sensitive fish who get stressed easily. They will not do well in high tech tanks and they need their parameters, temperature, hardness (GH) and PH met. Minimal ferts and low tech plants, lots of tannins and...
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    Blackwater breeding tank

    KH is more important to eggs hatching than GH, you’d need a test tube based KH test. You’d need to keep it at 1 ish but to be honest I wouldn’t even attempt that in a new setup as you’ll always have trace amounts of ammonia / nitrite so wouldn’t be suitable for apistos. As far as wild vs...
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    Exchanging stocking

    These are as of June banned from export so what you are seeing is the last of wild caught females in the shops. I’d keep your males, grab as many females as you can and try breeding them