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  1. ste12000

    Nannacara sp 'Rio Oyapock'

    Hi all, a while ago i received a F1 pair of Nannacara sp 'Rio Oyapock' from a good friend of mine. After some damage in transport the fish were split to recover separately and recover they did, they were recently placed together in a community type tank in my fishroom until a breeding tank...
  2. ste12000

    Fry pictures..

    Just a few non cichlid pictures from the fishroom.. Nematobrycon palmeri Nannostomus mortenthaleri(Left) and Copella arnoldi Barbus pentazona Danio nigrofasciata Inpaitchtys kerri 'Superblue'
  3. ste12000

    Apistogramma sp 'Matses'

    Im trying to get a better understanding of the wonderful fish that my friend Tom C brough back from Peru in 2011, thanks to a kind gift from my other good friend Mark Breeze i have a F1 pair swimming in my tanks(Although no breeding yet) Since their collection last year i have heard little...
  4. ste12000

    Cichlid atlas 1.. Used copy for sale.

    I have for sale a used 2nd hand copy of the very rare Mergus Cichlid atlas 1 by Uwe Romer.. This book is now out of print and the unsold copies that remained after the print run went up in flames in a warehouse fire many years ago. That means that this book is available in very limited...
  5. ste12000

    British cichlid association Apisto auction.

    Everything you needed to know about the upcoming BCA convention can be found here.. Date, Times, schedules, speakers, activities, venue, auction... Just follow this link and make sure you are there on September 16th for 10am... http://britishcichlid.org.uk/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=7847
  6. ste12000

    Apistogramma diplotaenia

    Just a few pictures to share with Apisto.com members.. I have looked for and wanted Apistogramma diplotaenia for well over 10 years, its been right at the top of my list alongside T.candidi. I was lucky enough to spend 4-5 years with T.candidi in my tanks which just left A.diplotaenia as the...
  7. ste12000

    British cichlid association autumn convention.

    The British cichlid association auction list is now available to view.. A superb range of cichlids from specialist UK breeders. Come and join us on the 16th for a superb day out. Everyone is welcome to attend and full details can be found here.. www.britishcichlid.org.uk or here...
  8. ste12000

    Apistogramma elizabethae 'Sao gabriel da cachoeira'

    Ive had these for a couple of weeks now.. The females blocked herself into the cave so fingers crossed for a successful spawn. The males show a variation in colour, this males the only one with red cheeks, the other two dont show any red but have more blue.. All are nice fish and i feel lucky to...
  9. ste12000

    BCA convention report..

    Hi all, the British Cichlid Association spring convention took place yesterday and was a huge success, we had several dwarf cichlid experts to lecture although unfortunately they both spoke on subjects other than dwarf cichlids..It was nice to meet Uwe Werner and Michel Keijman in person and...
  10. ste12000

    BCA guest speakers, interviews available to all..

    The British cichlid association has invited two international speakers for our convention on May 6th 2012.. I interviewed both lecturers and the full interviews can be found by following the link below. It will allow people to see the person behind the name and i hope that it may encourage...
  11. ste12000

    No more adverts..

    Hi Admin, i know that hosting fees are not overly cheap but please, please, please no more adverts.. Its starting to distract from the content and appears tacky and less proffessional than the last site.. It appears that its becoming a commercial site rather than a hobbiest based site! that...
  12. ste12000

    BCA magazine now available for download..

    Hi guys, you can now find the latest copy of cichlidae available for download in the members section of the BCA forum. This is available to all paid BCA members and is a excellent read, forum members are welcome to join the BCA for a measly £5 per year to gain excess to the members section plus...
  13. ste12000

    Can everyone please offer a opinion..

    I dont use Facebook often, theres not usually anything to interest me and i prefer the forums.. However Heiko has recently posted on Apistogramma barlowi and id like other people to back up my arguement that the picture is of the wrong species.. Im not one of these people who dislike Heiko...
  14. ste12000

    Apistogramma for sale..UK only.

    Well after a few months of having some quite common fish in the fishroom(to help pay increasing energy costs over the cold months) im back at what i do best.. Apistogramma!! Ive got a cracking stocklist at the moment, all fish are healthy and a good size, i have pairs of all fish available...
  15. ste12000

    Apistogramma elizabethae - Almost ready for their first spawn..

    Just thought id share a few pics..My A.elizabethae have been showing a lot of interest in each other over the last few days.. Fingers crossed for the patter of tiny fins :)
  16. ste12000

    BCA latest cichlidae now available..

    Hi all, thanks for your patience in waiting for cichlidae, we are slightly behind due to a committee members recent illness but are catching up quickly and hope to get future issues out on time!! The January 2012 issue is now available for download here...
  17. ste12000

    Metal racking..

    Hi all, does anyone have a name for the kind of racking shown in the first 2 minutes of this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SinEF50_gtA&feature=related Ive done all the usual searches for metal racking, metal shelving ect but cannot find anything about it? any help would be much...
  18. ste12000

    Metal racking..

    Hi all, does anyone have a name for the kind of racking shown in the first 2 minutes of this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SinEF50_ ... re=related Ive done all the usual searches for metal racking, metal shelving ect but cannot find anything about it? any help would be much...
  19. ste12000

    New pickup.. A191. A.sp 'Jurua'

    Got these yesterday.. Still early so the colours arent great, settling in well and looking nice. Only 9 pairs imported into the UK so feeling pretty lucky to have these.
  20. ste12000

    British cichlid association, spring convention 6th May 2012..

    For full details please see here.. http://www.britishcichlid.org.uk/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3841