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  1. themountain

    WAC Collecting Tour to the south of Cameroon in February 2022

    Due to a cancellation there is one seat available on the WAC Collecting Tour to the south of Cameroon in February 2022. On this tour we will go to the southern part of Cameroon where we will stay for a whole week the explore the surrounding river systems of the Dja, Ntem and Lele. This whole...
  2. themountain

    What west african tankmates are possible?

    After quite a pause to aquarism I will set up a new 50g tank hopefully next month. I wasnt sure about having some cichlids with big Killis. Do any of the members here have experience with that combination? Besides that I am looking for habitat or underwater pics from the region. Thanks in...
  3. themountain

    New natural park on the way in Peru

    https://news.mongabay.com/2018/01/peru-declares-a-huge-new-national-park-in-the-amazon/ Even being a good iniciative my optimism for it is very reduced...future petroleum projects are situated in the area and we all know what that means . :/
  4. themountain

    Tom´s website is down...??

    http://apisto.sites.no/ it doesent open.....anybody knows something about it?
  5. themountain

    Got some sp. here....

    What could it be? A. eunotus complex?? I have no info on where it was caught but I try.
  6. themountain

    The Amazon rainforest under thread....again!

    http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/loggers-accidentally-cut-down-worlds-oldest-tree-in-amazon/ Its happening again and again and nobody does anything!:mad::mad::mad:
  7. themountain

    Merry Christmas...

    ...and a happy and peaceful new year for everybody! Hope there will be less oilspill in the Amazon in 2017....but the chances are low :(
  8. themountain

    Agassizi v. Bitaeniata girls

    I received a small shipment (12 fish) from Rio Nanay of Apistos which were suppose to be bitaeniatas..in the first moment I already figured out at least two agassizi guys in it. Now I have a hard time to distinguish the girls. What is a sure marker between them and subdominant males ? Iam a bit...
  9. themountain


    Sad things going on in Loreto :mad::( http://elcomercio.pe/mundo/actualidad/nasa-detecta-deforestacion-mil-hectareas-loretofotos-noticia-1661860#next
  10. themountain

    What is with Mike Wise......?

    ...is he on fishing trip?? :D
  11. themountain

    Life expectancy

    What is the life expectancy of wild or F1 Apistogramma in our tanks ? Any differences between the species?? My Aggis got three years..give and take...is that normal?
  12. themountain


    Uff---one week of "Selva" and the days passed by so quickly! Iquitos is quite ugly ,but it has still a certain charm which captures you immediately. First day: We got on to a boat to visit a butterfly farm close to Rio Nanay.... a 20 Minute ride out of the noisy town and we were in the middle...
  13. themountain

    Having some problems with micro worms

    Story is that my cultures until now always thrived...but lately I could see that they are now much weaker in development...?? I still use the same for the culture: oat meal , dry yeast everything not too liquid . Do I have to get a different batch of worms from somewhere else to revive mine?? It...
  14. themountain

    What is needed for a fishing trip?

    The minimum equipment for a short trip to Iquitos should be what??
  15. themountain

    Interesting lecture about Apistogramma

    I dont know if anybody posted this up....very interesting lecture from Dr. Uwe Roemer 2012 in Lima https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=l5oJ5BlK
  16. themountain

    Lecture about Dwarf cichlids

    I dont know if anybody posted this up....very interesting lecture from Dr. Uwe Roemer 2012 in Lima https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=l5oJ5BlKztg
  17. themountain

    Having problems with hatching brine shrimp lately

    Hi That is now the third time I have a batch shrimps which pop out of their shells but thats about it...? No wiggling nauplias ...nothing! To 90% the nauplias still hang on their shells and it wont go further even when they moved up to 36 hours(Umbrella stage). I still use the same type of...
  18. themountain


    A friend here got a new shipment of diverse Apistos and one of these are this here. What is it
  19. themountain

    Ornamental fish in Peru

    Since I moved recently to Lima ,I came by a interesting website >> http://www.iiap.org.pe/Upload/Publicacion/PUBL286.pdf lots of unspecified Apistods there!
  20. themountain

    What kind of agasizi is that?

    Could it be a "red fire" ?