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  1. uberape

    spawned in hardwater

    my wild cacas have spawned in hard water- ph 7.6, hardness 268 ppm. not a huge batch but I cant really see them at the moment. For me this makes a lot of the online profiles misleading.
  2. uberape

    wtb cacatuoides male uk (edin)

    looking for a caca male or two. Im sort of desperate after a wild male just upped and died, to join two wild females. probably need to post as i have no transport.
  3. uberape

    my new tank etc.

    The tank is a walsted 'dirt tank' and I have cattalpa mulm floating about everywhere thanks to some corydoras. I say this to excuse its messyness, in my defence, the water quality is good. The two apistogramma are 'wild' (i hope) cacatuoides which have been there a few days, they are still...
  4. uberape

    inka 50 fungus.

    I have no way of getting a decent photograph of this ailment but all i need is advice on a certain course of action. My inka 50 recently injured itself on a piece of wood and a fungal growth has appeared on the wound. Now this exact problem in the same tank has happened to a ctenopoma...
  5. uberape

    looking for some ivanacara adoketa in four months or so (UK).

    ive been donated a 5ft fish tank and will be looking to get a pair of adoketa.I will pay £50 for a bonded pair or the same amount for 5 juveniles. the tank will not start running until i find a new flat so this is really a heads up if anybody is breeding in the uk and looking for potential...
  6. uberape

    could a dorsigera female adopt fry/eggs?

    I am giving away my dorsigera pair and for ease of collection I moved them into a holding tank. The guy had to wait a couple of days and in the meantime they have spawned in the bloody holding tank. Now I don't think that guy will want the eggs as he has a community tank and the fish won't be...
  7. uberape

    Just Some pictures

  8. uberape

    is this juvenile cacatuoides shape ok?

    This guy came in with some other fish I had delivererd. He is about an inch and a half long: I dont know age. I think his dorsal is great but im worried that his head is maybe a little pointy and his back a little high. I need an expert verdict
  9. uberape

    my 10 gallon planted

  10. uberape

    Inka 50 won't eat BBS???

    I have 4 juvenile inka 50, one is thriving (male) and the other three (one female, the other two??) just wont eat BBS. I dont know what to do, i have tried cyclopeeze, and a very high protein dried food and they spit almost everything. The little ones look to be trying to find copepods in my...
  11. uberape

    compatibility and bbs question

    I was recently billed heavily from my electricity company and need to shut down one of my tanks. I was wondering if in a very very complex 30 gallon, I could get away with a nannacara anomala male, a baenschi inka 50 male and maybe as well a cacatouides male. The anaomala is aggressive but...
  12. uberape

    getting baenshi inka 50 f1 any advice?

    Hello I ordered 5 juvenile Inka 50. It is the first time i have got an f1 fish and this species. I have read online as much as possible but if there is any specific advice for this species or advice in general about keep F1 fish compared to the usual farm bred apistos then i would be grateful...
  13. uberape

    territorial anomala any tankmates?

    Hi I have an nannacara anomala male in a 15 gallon and he has gone all colonel kurtz on me. every time i try to add a tankmate he tries to kill them. so far hes killed a filter shrimp, three golden barbs and a betta female. I guess that black phantom tetra could deal with him but i already have...
  14. uberape

    apistogramma agassizii male eating fry

    this is strange but i could have sworn i saw my male agassizii eat a fry, strange because they are about 1.2 cm long. im sure he did but i didnt see him chew after. there were a few going missing but i put this down to tetras. I'm annoyed only because Ive been feeding them for so long (i didn't...
  15. uberape

    saw a pic of this apisto and wondered if they are ever available?

    from http://www.gonewildperu.com/Aquarium/cichlid/Cichlid.htm
  16. uberape

    fry behaviour of dorsigera

    hi, after my dorsigera failed to look after fry in a community tank (a community tank is not a breeding tank), I did some reading (dwarf cichlids-horst linke) and read that they were collected in water with a very low visability. The fry behaviour was described as chaotic and difficult for the...
  17. uberape

    dorsigera defending fry

    heres a dorsigera male defending his fry against the evil camcorder
  18. uberape

    helping dorsigera parents to protect fry

    After making the heinus mistake of allowing a community tank spawn, do you think that leaving a candle next to the pit will help the parents to protect the fry?
  19. uberape

    phantom dorsigera fry

    hi i have a dorsigera pair in a community tank. 2/3 days ago they laid eggs on the decor. Now they have moved "them" to a ditch at the back of the tank. This is all by the book except I just cant make out any fry, ive stared for an hour now and i need to get to college. Is there a possibility...
  20. uberape

    what to do about my steel blue?

    Ok from what ive read on here and elsewhere, the sp steel blue could be a hybrid and the rate of female spawning is very low. I do however want this little guy to have some kind of company and although i would not breed them, Is there a female i could get (perhaps resticulosa or borelli) that he...