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    Apisto ID please?

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    Mixing Rams of same sex

    I have 2 German Rams (initially bought as a pair, but turns out to be both female!) who get on great and swim around together. Also have a Male Apisto, and male Fire Red Agasizzi. Can I add compatibility wise, an Electric Blue ram to the mix, if also female? Will she likely form a trio with the...
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    South American Dwarfs - environment height

    ON average for German Rams/ Apisto's, what do people find is the optimal or used environment height? I currently have a 1 metre length tank with about 5 bits of 'good' bogwood, roughly 4inches high - each has 'cave' like or bridging areas with plenty of plants around. Was thinking about...
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    Sexing of German Rams

    Hi guys Bought 2 German rams yesterday - there were 4 in the tank, and it appeared (to both myself and LFS worker) that there were 2 males and 2 females .... one male was definitely the dominant one, and the way he was swimming looked like he had paired up with one female, so I went for the...
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    Which added first?

    Hi all OK, have a 1metrre length tank and have created '2 ends' with bogwood and java fern connected to make some hideouts/caves etc, with some further bog wood with java as a central tank 'line of sight block' I'm looking to house a Bolivian Ram pair and a single male Apistogramma - first off...
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    Apisto grouping when not breeding

    Hi all! First post and new to dwarf cichlids so be kind! Tank is 145litre, 90cm with lots of live plants, bogwood and a single half coconut. I have 10 rummy nose tetra and 5 panda cory's. I'd like to have an Apistogramma Cockatoo (or more, or possibly tempted by Rams) but my...