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  1. J

    Cacatuoides fry

    The first time I noticed about 3, these were quite big, then a couple of days later, the female brought a batch out of the cave, these were small, now 3 week later we have seen some tiny fry mixed in with them all, could this be from a new clutch. The pair are in a tank on their own.
  2. J


    Coloured up and looking a bit plump, is she getting ready to spawn?
  3. J

    Female A cacatuoides double red

    Looking for a pair of females North East area.
  4. J

    Female or male

    The definite male has stopped chasing the other one and is displaying as they do when breeding. The suspect one has turned bright yellow
  5. J

    Female or male

    I an certain its a male, had a good look and its developing a lyre tail which it didn't have when I got it.
  6. J

    Female or male

    The reason I ask is the male won't tolerate it and it hides all the time, appears when feeding but gets chased immediately back into hiding, only these 2 fish in the tank.
  7. J

    3 pairs, all in different tanks.