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  1. Mil

    Hongsloi male free to take

    Hi. Unfortunately I have to get rid of my two small tanks as I am moving home and although most of the fish would go in the bigger tank I am keeping I can’t mix the male Hongsloi with the others and have to get rid. I am in Hackney area and if anyone wants a free male and can come and collect...
  2. Mil

    HELP: Growth on fins

    Hi My male cacatuoides has recently grown some weird growths on its back fins (white) and a single black one on its top fin. I was away for Xmas for 2 weeks so it’s been the longest time that they have gone without a water change, although no other fish in the community tank of 30 fish has any...
  3. Mil

    How to decrease pH?

    Hello everyone! I have been testing my pH recently and it seems to be consistently at around 7-7.5, but ideally i would like it to be lower as i have Apistos in two separate tanks which i would love to get spawning. I have added in so many almond tree leaves constantly over the past few...
  4. Mil

    Cacatuoides male

    Just wanted to show off my male Cacatuoides. I’m new to Apistos in general but I’m already hooked!
  5. Mil

    How to start breeding in hard water?

    Hi. I have a male and female hongsloi and cacatuoides, in separate tanks. They do the dance, go into caves, brush each other and show all the signs of mating, chasing each other but never fighting, even swimming near each other for long periods, but I have never had any eggs or fry ☹️ My LFS...
  6. Mil

    Hello from London, UK

    Hi everyone. Finally managed to get my account verified and really happy to be able to post on here now. I recently got into fishkeeping about 6 months ago after stumbling into an amazing LFS in London. I have a male and female Hongsloi in a 40l tank on their own, and a male and female...