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    Copella (?) id?

    I got these today, sold as “Copeina” but I think they are Copella? Can anyone please identify them for me from these not very good photos? The red above the eye is quite noticeable.
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    What have I got?

    I was sold this about 3 weeks ago as A. macmasteri, wild from Colombia. He has grown and colored up since I got him. Doesn't it look more like A. cacatuoides??
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    Crystal tetra and red pencilfish

    I’ve been looking around for suitable small shoaling species for the mid/upper tank levels, and recently I have seen these offered for sale that look interesting: Crystal or pi tetra, (Protocheirodon pi) and red pencilfish (Nannostomus mortenthaleri). I was wondering if any of you might have...
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    Which Apistogramma?

    I was wondering if any of you could help advise me which species to get for my first experience with Apistogrammas. My tank is 120cm by 40 by 50 high, I don't have any fish yet, waiting for plants to become well established. I have been making enquires about which species are available, locally...
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    Advice about cycling and plants please

    When I used to keep fish many years ago we didn’t read anything about cycling and I never tested the water or waited one or two months to add fish. Now everything seems more complicated ! Anyway I first filled my tank just under a week ago and added stability and a dead prawn (can’t get pure...
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    New tank setup

    As I have explained in my introduction, I am planning to keep fish again after a break of many years and I have a new tank 120cm x 40 x 50. I would like to set this up initially as a community but in the fairly near future will also set up a smaller tank for breeding. I would like to have some...
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    Apistogramma “Leticia”?

    I went to an aquarium shop the other day to find out if they had any Apistogrammas, though I’m not ready to get any just yet I wanted to find out what might be available. They didn’t have any but they have some arriving around the July 20. Agassizi, cacatuoides, macmasteri and “leticia” - I...
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    Hello from Ecuador

    As a quick introduction, when I was younger I was a keen aquarist and Cichlid fanatic, I even did my PhD on cichlids. So I’m not exactly a beginner, but I am many years out of touch with fish keeping and I have never kept Apistogramma before- they weren’t very easily available then and where I...