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    Krobia xinguensis and Australoheros (oblongum)

    the first part of the video is the Australoheros oblongum with there one week old babys the second tank are Krobia xinguensis babys with a hard to see mom i have had these fish for 2 years now and this is there first time with babys ( i think spring time helps in egg laying ?) i am pretty sure...
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    Krobia xinguensis

    hi does anyone have any info on Krobia xinguensis there is not much on the web thanks for any advice (PS i know they are not dwarf but this is the only fish advice site that i am subscribed to)
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    Australoheros Red Ceibal

    Australoheros sp. "Red Ceibal" hi anybody have information or know where i can find info on these fish. there is not much with google search
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    common kris

    Hi i have 2 females and one male Kribensis Pelvicachromis in a 40 gallon tank they each have there own sets of babies ! the younger kribs are 2 weeks old the others are almost one month old , the male is staying closer to the younger babies , but last month he was protecting the older kribs . is...
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    feeding live foods

    Hi will parents be more inclined to eat there own babys if i have been feeding them live babys from another species? (like feeding baby guppys to adults Laetacara)
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    apistogramma and nannacara

    Hi i have a 40 gallon tank lots of hiding places (plants, branches, rocks ,flower pots etc) will a pair of apistogramma barlowi and a pair of nannacara anomala co-exist in this tank?
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    hanna h198129

    hi can someone help me calibrate my meter? i have bought calibrating solution but don't know what to do with it .the instructions tell me to press o mode until we see buffer set if i do this the meter turns off? and if i would get a (ph buffer reading) and it was at 7.5 in a buffer solution of 7...
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    A. barlowi

    Hi i have 6 males and 2 females A. barlowi in a 40 long (breeder tank) i am hoping to have 2 pairs and take out the other 4 males. Will 2 pairs co-exist in a 40 gallon with lots of hiding places, upside down clay pots, coconut shells, leaves, branches ? can they each have and protect there fry's?
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    activated carbon

    does anywone use activated carbon ? ( dw1305 Darrel) sent this link :<http://www.ukaps.org/> and this guy (Joe Gargas) talks about filtering water with activated carbon before it goes in your tank . A long long time ago when i was young i used to have carbon to filter my tanks i dont anymore...
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    Rams & fry and parts of my fishroom

    male is yellow the female is a regular blue ram. the second tank when the phone is ringing is Laetacara araguaiae http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGX25nLsXB0
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    how high\low do you keep your ppm in a 20 gallon tank with 4 apistos? how high\low should my ppm be in a 40 gallon tank with 100 about 1 inch growing fish?
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    A. barlowi

    hi i am looking to buy A barlowi females. i have 6 males but no females (i do have a US shipping address.) thanks
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    hi is anyone culturing daphnia ? how do you mass produce them? what do you feed them? do i keep a light on all the time? i don't think they need much heat or oxygen right?
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    not sure if this has been discuses before .does a reverse osmosis system take out chlorine ?
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    not sure if this has been discuses before .does a reverse osmosis system take out chlorine ?
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    will 2 females lay eggs together?

    hi do you think 2 females Laetacara araguaie would lay eggs together (this sometimes happens with my Discus) i had 4 together in a aquarium 2 of them have eggs and ( babys now) so i gave the remaining 2 a aquarium of their own, and now they have laid eggs at least 4 times in 2 weeks, the eggs...
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    apisto cacatoides

    hi i have male apisto cacatuoides with his mouth wide open all the time (it never closes) he eats well and seems healthy .has anyone seen this before?
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    peat moss

    hi i read some ware that you have to boil your peat moss before adding it to your fish tank /filter i have never done this, what does it do and is it ok not to boil?
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    oak leaves

    how long do you keep the oak leaves in your aquariums? after one month or 2 they start to disintegrate, do you leave them in there and just add new ones ,or do you vacume them out? don't they rot after a wile and pollute the water?
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    apisto cacatoides

    in a 36 x24x18 i had 3 males cacatuoides and 4 females cacatuoides i also had 6 catfish today i decided to take out the catfish because i notice one of the females guarding a upside down coconut half .there is many clay pots oak branches oak leaves (maby 3 inches thick)all over the bottom well i...