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    Ph always drops

    That was my immediate thought. I learned the hard way before with wood that was doing exactly that. Kept adding ph up daily and still couldn’t figure it out so I took everything out of the tank and introduced things one at a time. Once I added my driftwood-boom. Mystery solved. Only my...
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    Looking for A Velifera female

    Looking for an A Velifera female. Please send pictures and price quote including shipping to California. Thank you!!
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    Apistogramma and others for sale

    Looking for a Velifera female. Still have any?
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    Any ideas on this blue apisto?

    In that second picture does the orange fish look ok? Gills and big red poo? I’ve never seen that before so was curious.
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    Fish started getting slightly worse so was searching threads for similarities and found one that describes exactly what’s happening. In case anyone could use this info, it’s incredible. Started treatment last night and this morning looks a little better. Hopefully the trend continues. Will...
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    Oh there’s tons out there. Just google the fish your looking for and add for sale. I live in so cal and this is my first DOA ever.
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    Thank you both so much for getting back to me. Truly means a lot. Sent from Oregon to Southern California. Ended up as 3 day shipping based on tracking. Unfortunately no heat pack. Yea o2 is good if bag is upright so there’s enough to swim upright just bad luck that it tipped. Just wish it was...
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    I recently purchased a macmasteri pair and shipping conditions werent great. thinking a possibility could be since the bags had so much air. I know the dead one happened because I found the bag flat and only 1/2 in of water for it to swim :( terrible. So am thinking possibly got damage from...