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  1. apistobob

    Unknown Plant

    Can anyone ID this plant for me? I've been keeping it in my apisto tanks for at least 20 years and have never known what it is. It grows slowly but can get very tall. Older plants will reach from the substrate to the surface. It's common for plants to grow with their leaves above the water. I've...
  2. apistobob

    Apistogramma Gigas described

    A. sp. gigas has been described as Apistogramma kullanderi. Here is a link to the paper http://aquadico.com/up/ief25_3_061.pdf
  3. apistobob

    Dwarfs in D.C.?

    Anyone know if there are any good shops for dwarfs in D.C.? Or, serious hobbyists/breeders? I will be there all week next week and might have some free time. Thanks
  4. apistobob

    Mike Does it again!

    Last week I posted asking for help IDing a female apisto (here is the thread http://forum.apistogramma.com/showthread.php?t=7758) and Mike provided A. gephyra as a likely answer. Today I got a couple of males from the importer and sure enough Mike was right on the money. Here are a few poor...
  5. apistobob

    Female ID

    I received three of these wild Apistos. They have all turned out to be female. I purchased them as A. pausisquamis but that ID has been questioned. Any opinions as to what they are. thanks Bob
  6. apistobob

    South Africa?

    In the past few days I have gotten a couple of inquiries from South Africa looking for dwarf cichlids. Does anyone know of hobbyists, breeders or dealers there? Bob
  7. apistobob

    Dwarf Cichlid Talk in Chicago

    Hi all, If any one is interested, and in the area, I will be giving a presentation at Sunday's meeting of the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association titled "Keeping and Breeding Dwarf Cichlids". This will be mostly an overview of the husbandry techniques that I use but I will have a lot of...
  8. apistobob

    Romer Book - Used

    As Mike Wise and others have discussed, the Romer book "Cichlid Atlas Vol 1" is no longer available from most book sellers. I was just on Amazon looking at things and discovered that they have a single copy available as a used book. However, it is quite expensive - $1,858.92! I don't think...
  9. apistobob

    A numbers

    I have been spending some time with the new DATZ book that I got from Mike Wise (I don't know if he has any left but if you didn't get one from him you should!). One of the ideas they are advancing is the establishment of an A number system for Apistos. The thinking is that by giving every...
  10. apistobob

    New Apisto Study

    A new scientific study of Apistogramma mate selection has been published by Uwe Romer and Wolfgang Beisenherz in the journal "Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters". I have not read the article but have read a couple of summaries. It seems that they placed a number of females in...
  11. apistobob

    Best shops in Seattle/Spokane

    All, Does anyone know of any good shops for unusual fish (preferably dwarfs) in Seattle or Spokane area? I will be spending a week driving around the I 90 corridor and am always looking for? thanks Bob
  12. apistobob

    Christmas Wishes

    Merry Christmas Everyone! May your stockings be filled with the fish you've been dreaming of. I hope Santa brings us all a world where a better life becomes more important than owning more stuff, and respect for each other becomes the cherished norm. Peace and joy to you all. Bob