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  1. atmagoulick

    Java Moss Bloom

    I woke up Christmas morning and noticed two flowers in my java moss. It has only flowered one other time around 2013. Does anyone flower the moss regularly?
  2. atmagoulick


    Any idea which hemichromis these are? They are placid and peaceful.
  3. atmagoulick

    Vallisneria for Trade

    I have a large clump of vallisneria for trade.
  4. atmagoulick

    Jewel Cichlid

    Here is an update on my jewel cichlid fry. I am not sure of the exact species of Hemichromis. I think I have two different types of Hemichromis, because I bought fry from to separate breeders. This is the fry in March. June 28, 2018 June 28, 2018 June 28,2018 June 28, 2018 I have to...
  5. atmagoulick

    Black Angelfish Spawn

    I recently trimmed some leaves from a large Amazon sword plant. A few days later black angelfish spawned. I am excited to have a pair of dd angels.
  6. atmagoulick

    "Apistogramma cacatuoides" in a Community 90 Gallon

    I had success with a community planted 90 gallon aquarium. The fish that did the best were a pair of Apistogramma cacatuoides. The fish breed three times. The aquarium had discus and angelfish. The angelfish breed twice. The discus were made nervous due to the female Apistogramma...
  7. atmagoulick

    Key Hole Cichlid

    I have been keeping a key hole cichlid for about a year. This fish is extremely friendly and peaceful. I have never seen the fish bit another fish. It has quickly become a favorite species of mine.
  8. atmagoulick

    Electric Blue Rams

    I had success breeding electric blue rams. I attached some pictures of the males deep blue head. The male blue ram was particularly aggressive towards other fish before breeding. I had discuss and angelfish in the tank. I would not recommend discuss and rams. Furthermore, I have never breed...
  9. atmagoulick

    One Year with a 90 Gallon Planted Aquarium

    I have had success with growing Echinodorus bleheri in a 90 gallon. Here are some pictures of the tank growing. There are some other plants in the aquarium also. The Echinodorus bleheri really fill the tank quickly.
  10. atmagoulick

    Echinodorus bleheri for Sale

    I am taking orders for; four small potted Echinodorus bleheri for sale at $35.00 an order. Shipping is free. The root systems are well grown. The plants usually do not arrive potted due to shaking during the shipping. They are easily repotted. Trades are also available. Pictures are...
  11. atmagoulick

    Anomalochromis thomasi

    Hi everyone, I am looking for Anomalochromis thomasi. If anyone has any leads please let me know. I had some success with Apistogramma cacatuoides. The species bred twice and I still have the offspring. Hopefully they spawn again. Please contact me for Anomalochromis thomasi leads...
  12. atmagoulick

    Aquabid order orange flash

    I am taking a chance on an www.aquabid.com order for apistogramma cacatuoides sp. orange flash. The parents look beautiful. I am trying the lesser shipping method. I'll keep everyone posted.
  13. atmagoulick

    South Eastern Michigan, United States

    Hi everyone, This is a neat forum. I am hoping to find some apistogramma breeders near me. I am in southeastern Michigan. I currently have two planted tanks; a 30 gallon high and a 90 gallon. Both tanks have some discus, angles and rams. I'd like to try Apistogramma cactuoide or another...