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    Suspected internal parasites ? 2nd opinion ?

    Hi guys over the last day and a half now I've noticed my dominant male apisto has been hiding a lot more lately not fairing at the females as much anymore I also noticed hasn't challenging he other males when they flare at the females like he normally does he's still active moving around the...
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    Possible cyst ?

    Hey guys I think my female apisto has a cyst im not sure i tried putting a vid up but didn't work so I took pics also any advice on treatment for her ?
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    trio in a 2ft

    Hi guys this is my like first post so sorry if it's in the wrong place but I've got a pair of apisto double reds and my friend has given me his 1 female yesterday can I keep a trio in a 2ft will it be ok or not enough space for every1 ....pics below