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  1. J

    Some of my sorts species

    A.cf.Personata is on my wish list !!!! what country are you in???? Where did you get A.cf.Personata???
  2. J

    Some of my sorts species

    Lovely photos !!!, What are you using for camera????
  3. J

    "Retiring" an apisto

    My orangescwants male just passed 4yrs1 month to the day,alone in a 10gl. & had I female left she would be at his side,probably saying in fish language (Get up you old fart I aint lrtting you go!!!!!) Anthrophormizing or not they are more like us & we more like them than most of us realize!!! We...
  4. J

    Ap.kelleri Spawn

    Congrats, maybe I'll start paying more attention to mine!!!! loved the video &pics
  5. J

    Im john krol Apistophile for 37 yrs, kept & bred many ,many sp. Im not very computer literate !!!

    Currently have about 20 apisto species & just curious if anyone in the USA has uaupesi or personata ????
  6. J

    Im john krol Apistophile for 37 yrs, kept & bred many ,many sp. Im not very computer literate !!!

    computer literate,its taken me forever just to make this first post!!!Currently keeping appx 18-20 apisto sp. Have about 50 tanks plus 2 500Gl basement ponds. Just restarted the basement in Novemer 2014 & Now have fry fm Commbrae , Bitaeniata Rio Tigre,A Alpahuoyo (Black Chin) Orange &...
  7. J

    Forum Rules

    John Krol agrees to forum rules I have 40 tanks 2 500GL bsmt ponds. Have actually made a starting point on this website, At a turtles rate i,ll get there!!!!
  8. J

    Sexing Apistogramma sp. pebas

    Looks like a f & a M
  9. J

    Christmas came early this year

    Some awsome sp. mike !!! did you make another collecting trip ??? I restarted the bsmt fish rm 3 mos ago & am back w/apistos, 16 sp. so far 3 w fsf gropped the ball on an Ortegai spawning (Roca Eterna) I think Some sp. too young for breeding, but im patient !!!!! So far commbrae,macmasteri...