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  1. danbb

    Strange behavior macmasteri pair

    My macmasteri red mask pair has spawned with no success for 4 times until now (from what I saw). First 2 egg-laying happened inside the coconut cave, the hole has big enough for the male to enter, he drove the female outside the cave and "taking care of eggs" (after 2-3 days the eggs was gone...
  2. danbb

    Another idea of biotope...

    100l (ro+tap), white fine sand, 3 drift wood, 2 coconut caves, oak leaves and alder fruits Flora - Pistia stratiotes and Eichhornia crassipes Fauna - for the moment only A. Agassizi pair (domestic red-top/red-tail strain) ;)
  3. danbb

    Pterophyllum Altum Peruensis

    What do you know about them? It's just a scalare with a different name or it could be a altum? Picture source: http://www.kijiji.it/annunci/altri-animali/messina-annunci-messina/ultimi-5-pterophyllum-altum-peruensis-3-3-5-cm/37996585
  4. danbb

    Nannostomus beckfordi and apisto fry

    How is the interaction between beckfordi and apisto fry? From what I read should not be problems. I expect 15 beckfordi next week and I want to introduce them into my 200 liter tank.
  5. danbb

    Piece of a river...

    Just a piece of a river… Eheim tank 240 l JBL Amazon decor Fine white sand JBL e901 Greenline external filter (full with seachem matrix, sera siporax, jbl micromec) Eheim internal filter, will be replaced in the next days with Eheim 2075 external filter (full with sera siporax, jbl micromec...
  6. danbb

    Agassizi with macmasteri, a bad idea?

    I'm thinking to keep two pairs, one agassizi and one macmasteri in 100 l tank. I don't have a empty tank for the second, the only solution for them to be alone is a 25 l tank, wich is very little. Can this setup work fine? Is about this tank (this is how it looks now):
  7. danbb

    Agassizi id please

    First is sold as "double red" and second ...? I believe it could be "Rio Japura" but not sure. Thanks
  8. danbb

    Best option for 2 species

    What is the best option for keeping 2 species (one pair or 1m+2f from each) into a 200 l tank, between cacatuoides, agassizi and macmasteri? If the most aggressive are agassizi, the best option will be cacatuoides with macmasteri? Thanks.
  9. danbb

    Male bloated, what to do?...

    A few days ago I noticed that my cockatoo male was struggling to remove feces. He was standing on the surface, with swollen belly and feces hangs (was normal feces, not white, filamentous). I said he ate too much and reduced food rations: the next day just ate some BBS, second day some frozen...
  10. danbb

    How many generations of fry in one growing up tank?

    How many generations of fry can be kept in one 25 L (aprox 7 G) tank? Some say just one, others say more... If the number of fry is ... let say about 100 from 2 generations (one next the other, with difference between them from about 3 weeks), can I keep them together?
  11. danbb

    Normal behavior a. cacatuoides?

    The fry are 18 days old, and couple of days ago I noticed that they are spending the time in hiding places, because both parents are chasing them (especially the male). In the tank are left 12 fry, but when I try to count them I see only 1-2. The reason is that parents are preparing for a new...
  12. danbb

    Female weak and isolated

    I have a cacatuoides female who is chased by the other 2 females and one male. The tank is 80 cm long so she is caught in the middle. She found one secluded place in the surface and almost all the time she stays there. She is very weak, the last days she refuse food (frozen artemia and daphnia)...
  13. danbb

    Can corydoras eat apisto fry occasionally?

    The eggs is a delicacy for them, but fry? From what I have read the "rule" say no, but I think that it's possible to happen occasionally, being fish that loves live food (especially on the bottom), and very active nocturnal. If they found during the night some fry resting on the bottom (even in...
  14. danbb

    Apisto biotope

    This is my second tank, started couple of days ago, today I introduced 1 pair of apistogramma cacatuoides orange (I can't find here another apisto, even this one is hard to find). The male has a little scratch, probably a fight with another male, I hope he will be ok. Tank - 100 L, drift wood...
  15. danbb

    Tips after spawning

    Tonight I found some eggs on the tank decor, for sure yesterday wasn't there, and the female becomes extremely territorial. What tips do you have for me? - should I change water these days (how much) or not? - it's better if I let the "moonlight" leds on, during the night? (I have only cockatoo...
  16. danbb

    Male not eating

    One of my males is not eating for approx. 2 weeks, is very weak, pale colors and much of time he is hiding into a coconut cave. No external signs, no wounds, ... What can I do? Ph=6,6 Kh=5 Temp=79
  17. danbb

    Ideal spawning cave

    From your experience, what are the best spawning caves for apisto, the ones with better results? I never saw eggs in a coconut cave, but I saw between echinodorus leaves or even on the tank decor. What works better for you: coconut, drift wood, plants, artificial caves like flowerpot, plastic...
  18. danbb

    Problem breedind cacatuoides

    Hello I have a 100 liter tank with apistogramma cacatuoides orange: 2 males and 5 females, for about 9 months. Three months ago the dominant male died, by then females had spawned about 3-4 times in total (without success), but since I introduced another male nothing happens in the tank. Two...
  19. danbb

    Hello all

    I am an apisto fan, I have one 26 gallons tank with apistogramma cocatuoides from 9 months and i hope I can breed them in the next future. I must say that the one who told me about this forum is "Aquatic Master" from youtube, a real master with breeding apisto. Thank you and good to find you all.