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    Agassizii female post spawning

    Welcome belliemackers, I would say the best thing to do is remove the male before she kills him, at that small a tank he has nowhere to go and she may run him to death, I have had it happen.
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    Do apistos need dither fish?

    Do you want to breed them or have a community tank? Sounds like your water is about the same as mine, if you keep cichlids/apisto's at some point your going to run into this problem, we all do for the most part. I would take and replace the 5 with a 10 keep it up and running through some cheap...
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    Sold as Sunsets. Id help please....

    I'm terrible at Id, Mike or Frank would be the one to Id. it for you. But my first guess is Cacatoid.
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    Do apistos need dither fish?

    I have and breed the Borelli, Macmasteri, Cacatuoides and Viejata and at some time or another you will have trouble with the pair not getting along. Borelli would be my pick, they seem to be the mellowest, but even they can be troublesome. Good luck and let us know what you pick.
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    Sold as Sunsets. Id help please....

    Welcome to the sight Boricorso ,I have Viejita and they dont look anything like these.
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    Mycobacteriosis/Fish TB?

    Pitchers would help.
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    Greetings aquafriends

    Welcome Porkchop, what type of apisto's do you have?
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    Fish in with breeding pair or raise up tank?

    I may have missed it but what type of apisto is it? It should work but in the tank with just the female and fry if the female is not eating them I normally like to leave them with her for about 5-6 weeks, unless your female is like one of mine [Hongsloi] and likes to eat them after about 3-4 weeks.
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    Apistogramma Agassizii Gold Blaze breeding project

    Welcome to the sight, for breeding the Cardinals would need to go, as far as them eating the eggs I dont think that would be a problem but the fry would. I've had glow light tetras eat all the fry in a matter of seconds, as far as raising them do you have a source for live food? Don't worry too...
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    Female abandoned fry?

    It sounds like the female is stressed, I have the same situation with a pair of Mac's, the male runs the female off after about a week, raizes them for about a week then eats them. I started removing the male and the let the female tend the fry and have much better survival rate.
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    Sneaker male or colorful female macmasteri?

    Pict. # three is the other male?
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    Can someone help me (species I.D.)

    Welcome, Agassizii maybe? I'm sure the more experienced will answer it.
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    Sneaker male or colorful female macmasteri?

    Looking at yours and looking at my male, I would guess a male. Do the ventral fins ever darken?
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    Male unwilling to mate? Please help

    Myself, I would separate them for about six to eight weeks, do plenty of water changes let the male heal and then put them in the new rearranged tank, good luck.
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    Apisto Cacatuoides and Hikari Vibra Bites

    Welcome to the sight. He is pooping the color of his food, if it's coming out, it is probably mostly digested.
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    Which female to keep ?

    Candidate 2, if both are chasing her then they might chase her to death if not removed.
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    Maybe A.macmasteri?

    Welcome FredO, did she have fry in the tank you got her from?
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    Dead male :(

    I've had more mystery death's with apisto's than any other fish.
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    Hi, got my first apistos!

    Sorry I missed that.
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    Hi, got my first apistos!

    Welcome to the sight ReefDemon, do you have any pictures, maybe we can help.