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    switch to sand

    So I decided to make the switch from fine gravel to sand. A first for me but something I've wanted to do for a while. I plumped for playsand and it seems to have worked quite well, even if it did take a lot of washing. Still slightly cloudy but nothing a water change won't fix. Before the...
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    male not colouring up

    Hey guys, I've had my a.cacatuoides just over a month now (1m 3f) and my male hasn't coloured up at all. I thought he was a subordinate when I bought him but given a few weeks he would colour up but it just hasn't happened. Any ideas? I have a 3ft tank which the apistos share with some corys...
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    hello all!

    Hello I'm Pete from North Wales. This is my "second coming" with regards to apistos. I first had a trio of a.hongsloi about 10 years ago. They were great and gave me my affection for apistos. So much so that I went on to write my university dissertation on a.agassizii. Due to circumstances my...