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  1. ButtNekkid

    Apistogramma feeding

    Hi, Maybe their feeding habits seem a bit peculiar. They are "eartheaters" after all. They sift through mulm and sand in the nature.
  2. ButtNekkid

    Hello from France

    Yes Frank, those are exactly the spots I was referring to. Now that you said it it´s quite obvious. Two straight lines of dots in the area you mentioned. Do you happen to have pictures or some source for the virus related spots? Apologies to Jebe for hijacking your thread!
  3. ButtNekkid

    Water Changes

    Hi, Don´t know about plants but the fry love to forage in the mulm. 2017 was the last year I used a gravel vac.
  4. ButtNekkid

    Hello from France

    I was under the impression that those black marks only appear on wild specimens. I vaguely remember reading here something about a virus. My memory´s a bit shot at the best of times though! ;)
  5. ButtNekkid

    Hello from France

    Hi, I have wild Baenschi "colony" and yours look a bit weird to me. Maybe some other color form? @Mike Wise @Frank Hättich ? They are beautiful though and that tank looks stunning!
  6. ButtNekkid

    A Description of Apistogramma Species-Groups by Mike Wise (2020)

    Thank you all for your hard work!
  7. ButtNekkid

    Newbie questions

    Hi, Just wanted to share my camouflaged lift tube nozzle. Never intented that to happen, that moss just took it´s place. I just love it when nature takes over.
  8. ButtNekkid

    Pencilfish identification

    Hi, No input on ID but... Might I persuade you to share more pictures of your tank?
  9. ButtNekkid

    Signs of low oxygen levels at night?

    Hi, I´ve had occasionally almost 100% coverage with floaters (Pistia/Salvinia). Never had any problems. My tank is slightly overstocked. But your results may vary. I´d like to get @dw1305 ´s take on this issue. He´s the resident plant guru. :cool: That´s a nice tank btw!
  10. ButtNekkid

    Apistogramma abacaxis

    Hi, I have no idea about the PH. I´ll just try to keep the conductivity under 100 µS. Those purple throats are amazing!
  11. ButtNekkid

    Apistogramma abacaxis

    Hi, That´s a nice Apisto. I keep them in blackwater. I´ve had many spawns,even on dry food only. But yes, they were quite expensive.
  12. ButtNekkid

    Aggressive female Apistogramma cacatuoides

    https://dianawalstad.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/bs-2020.pdf This might help also
  13. ButtNekkid

    Aggressive female Apistogramma cacatuoides

    Hi, That´s a very nice tank! I´ve seen eggs with multiple color. White ones too. So not necessarily a sign of not being fertilized. But I suspect you won´t get many fry into adults. You´ve got very adept fry hunters in there...
  14. ButtNekkid

    Apistogramma Beanschi

    I´ve waited for a long time to the get Bug Bites here in Finland. No luck yet...
  15. ButtNekkid

    What is this?

    Maybe Mike was trying to be funny? Looks like mulm to me. We love it around these parts!
  16. ButtNekkid

    Newbie questions

    Hi, Not a very important message, just wanted to share my Salvinia raft. Never noticed that it grows in these y-shaped branches.
  17. ButtNekkid

    Apistogramma mendezi sex ratio

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but i was just wondering about A. Baenschi. For some reason all of the fry are female. This has oocured on all spawns in my main tank. Temperature about 26C I don´t have a PH reading but conductivity is a somewhat steady 100µS. Any ideas? There are just 2...
  18. ButtNekkid

    Apistogramma jumping

    Hi, My first and late A. Cacatuoides male, "Marius", bit me once while feeding (not the first time that happened). I spooked and pulled my hand out, fish still latched on to my finger. He comes out flying. Flies in an arc on to a soft chair and bounces from there to the floor. Lived 2 years...
  19. ButtNekkid

    New tank setup

    Are Mesonauta sp. fine on their own? Always wanted one.
  20. ButtNekkid

    Apistogramma jumping

    I use the same strategy as Mike with floaters. Works also on hatchet fish, in my experience.