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  1. ButtNekkid

    PH crash (symptoms and how to avoid)

    Hi all, Just wondering: Is there such a thing? At what ph does it occur? What symptoms do fishes show when it happens? I know that KH plays a big part at buffering but what else helps keeping ph from crashing? How low KH still keeps ph crash at bay? I have a 15 gallon that has about 1/4 of...
  2. ButtNekkid

    Fry growth/health results based on feeding style

    Hi, Has anyone any experience about fry raised on artificial foods (breeder feeding) versus food they find in the tank? Any difference in growth or health? The reason I´m asking is I just found a couple of bigger Cacatuoides fry in my main tank. I haven´t fed them anything so they have...
  3. ButtNekkid

    Article on biofilm

  4. ButtNekkid

    Measuring temperature

    Hi, What do you use for this? What is the most accurate way?
  5. ButtNekkid

    Cacatuoides behaviour for a Beginner

    Hi, I just bought my first 2 Apistogramma 3 days ago. I have never seen such interesting behaviour and I´ve kept tanks for 20 years! The sand shifting and disputes are really interesting to follow. But I have no idea whether they are disputing over territories or are spawning. The dominant...
  6. ButtNekkid

    Anubias-like plants in SA

    Hi, Are there any plants in South America that stick to trees like Anubias for example?
  7. ButtNekkid

    Blackwater extract by boiling

    Hi, How can I make my blackwater extract more dense? I boiled 5 extra large sized Catappa leaves in 1,5 L of water for about 10 minutes and that mix does not seem tint water. The mix was dark brown in color. Can I mix different sources of tannins in my "soup"? I have sphagnum peat, alder...
  8. ButtNekkid

    Stubborn oak tree

    Hi, I have found a tree that does not seem to drop it´s leaves. Are there oak species that drop their leaves at spring? All the leaves in the pic are picked straight from the tree. Do these look ok to use? Bottom right one has something grey on it? Is that a BIG no no? And the upper right has...
  9. ButtNekkid

    Breeding Cardinal Tetras

    Hi, Has anyone here tried to breed these? Any good articles/sites on subject? I´d imagine conditioning only with live food? I don´t have an RO-unit but I do have access to Di water. Will that do? Should I add peat extract to that water? How should I acclimate my tetras to that water? My...
  10. ButtNekkid

    Cardinal Tetras disappearing

    Hi, In 6 months I have lost 5 tetras without a trace. Can Megalechis thoracata or Crossocheilus oblongus make them disappear? I don´t think my Betta Splendens harem can be responsible.
  11. ButtNekkid

    Using conductivity meter

    Hi, What is the correct way of using conductivity meter? I always have to calibrate it before measurements. Because it seems to lose its calibration by, say 200µS. The manual says you only have to calibrate it after 10 measurements or 2 weeks. Have I "polluted" my calibration fluid when the...
  12. ButtNekkid

    Sphagnum peat bottom

    Hi, I was just wondering, is it possible to make a bottom for a tank out of just sphagnum peat? Pros / Cons ?
  13. ButtNekkid

    Newbie questions

    Hi! I bought some sphagnum peat from a local garden center. What is the best way to add it into aquarium during water change? Is there a limit how much i can add leaves into aquarium? I really like the look of leaf litter and my ottos seem to love them. I have access to IAL and oak leaves...
  14. ButtNekkid

    Greetings from Finland

    Hi! Long time lurker here I have 240 L (63 G) Juwel Rio and a 60 L (15 G) quarantine tank. Planning on making the bigger tank pure South America.