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  1. central tanks

    Selling Apistogramma Agassizii "Double Red" Femlaes

    Hey guys i am selling off all of my fry (i only have females right now) They are 6 months old and about 1 inch long. I have never shipped before but i am willing to try, i believe i know how to do it safely. WIll only ship overnight. $10 dollars each or $40 for 5. These are sexed there is...
  2. central tanks

    Buying Looking for Male Agazii double red

    Hey guys looking for a male Double red as i lost my male a while back, was hoping a current batch of fry would turn up with a male but no such luck. So i know have 1 adult female and 5 6 month old females lol.
  3. central tanks

    Pulling Apisto Fry

    My female has 6-9 free swimmers (counted 9 yesterday morning and 6 yesterday night, there hard to see). Can I pull the fry and put them in a breeder box on the side of the tank? How long should I wait to pull them? They are eating BBS, one iv noticed does not each much, its belly is never full...
  4. central tanks

    Wrigglers finally.

    After 4 spawns my female has finally gotten the eggs to hatch. She normally eats them. She laid about 50 eggs (just a random guess). There is only 5 or 6 wrigglers that i can see, she laid them in a tiny casua pod so its hard to see. Just wanted to share, wont be hatching bbs, will just feed...
  5. central tanks

    Acclimating. Which way is really best?

    So i am getting my trio of metallic blue double red A.Agazi next week and have been looking into best way to acclimate fish bought online. Normally i do a drip, however i have never bought online and figured i would look into it. Im seeing lots of people including Ted Judy (big on youtube for...
  6. central tanks

    Low PH test Kits??

    So iv been using API ph and high ph test kits for a long time. I just set up a 20 gal long black water tank and my ph measures 6 possibly lower(ph kit only tests down to 6. So what PH test kit do yall use for lower then 6ph aquariums? Please note no fish are in this tank, just set it up and ph...
  7. central tanks

    Apistogramma agassizii or cacatuoides

    Okay i have a 10 gallon tank with lots of sight breaks (using drift wood) and heavily planted. There is 3 or 4 pvc pipes for caves(one end buried in the substraight slightly slanted down word almost flat on substraight. Water Parameters TDS - 60 dGH - 3 dkh - 0 (color changes on first drop) ph...
  8. central tanks

    Cave Suggestion

    So i have some Apistogramma cacatuoides and dont like the look of pots and coconuts in my planted tank. I have read that PVC pipe buried can work obviously at a slight angle so its mostly flat. I was told 1inch pvcp would be good, that seams kinda small for a female to spawn in and fit in does...
  9. central tanks

    PH Issues in biotype

    Well having it as a planted tank could make it not a biotype, nut ill post any ways. Im using RO water and remineralizing it with Equilibrium. With this my water is as follows- PH-6.8 dKH - 0 dGH - 3 TDS - 160 My issue is getting the KH raised up for the plants, If i remember correctly they...
  10. central tanks

    A. Cacatuoides Breeders near Dallas!!

    As you may have seen my other post I'm setting up a breeding tank for some cacatu's. I would like to know if any one knows of a breeder in texas around the dallas area. I am not expecting superb stock as it is my first try at breeding or keeping these little guys. With that being said...
  11. central tanks

    A. Cacatuoides set up help

    So I'm thinking of making a cacatuoides breeding tank. I was thinking a 15 gallon medium-highly planted. Drift wood and rock stacks and maybe some caves. My question is what kind of stock can i go with? Would a pair or a trio be better fitted for this size tank. Id also like dither fish. Maybe...
  12. central tanks

    Cacatuoides Near Dallas, WTB

    need a pair of cacatuoides, color variety isnt a huge concern to me. will be looking to buy within the next 3-6 weeks. If you have experiance in shipping fish then i dont mind getting them shipped to me. I would rather give my money to a breeder then a LFS that dosent even label fish correctly.
  13. central tanks

    apisto breeders near dallas, Tx

    I am working on my first apisto tank ever and am wanting to breed. i heard apisto cacatoydes are generaly easier to breed. My LFS do not stock apistos. Im not sure how i feel about fish being shipped to me. If you know of any breeders in the dallas area id greatly appreciate there information.