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    Bloodworms ok for cacatuoides?

    I feed mine a mixture of 2:3 frozen brine shrimp to frozen bloodworm (good quality). About twice a week They do fine!
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    Female cacatuoides?

    Hi all: Just got my first pair of Apisto cacatuoides. Pretty sure it is a pair but please take a look if you have some time and help me ID. Thanks!
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    Hello from canada!

    Beautiful pics Cobramaru! Hello from a fellow Canadian
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    Hello From Toronto Canada

    Hi Mark: I am also in the Gta. Just curious what type of water you are using for the cacatuoides. Did you soften it at all? Thanks!
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    greetings from KC

    Wow great colours!
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    New Member

    New Member
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    Another new member from Toronto

    Just rejoined the hobby after over a decade. Currently running a 55 Gal Angelfish tank and a 29 gal comunity tank. Intereted in learning more about Apistos, great to have found this forum! Would be great to connect with local members.