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    accelerated fry growth and lifespan?

    What is your water change schedule in the growout tank as compared to the other tank? I've seen papers that suggest frequency of water change can be one of the biggest influencers in fry growth.
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    Id agassizii

    I can't help with the ID, but that's a nice looking fish and a nice looking tank setup!
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    Anyone have tips for hatching BBS?

    For smallish quantities I've been really happy using a hatcher like this: https://smile.amazon.com/Brine-Shrimp-Direct-Hatchery-Dish/dp/B079C6BN2B I just use tap water and table salt, and a small bit of baking soda.
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    Recently Added Sand to Apistogramma Tank (pic heavy post!)

    Looks great, @Katsutaro Yoshimoto
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    My Apistogramma

    Great photos, thank you!
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    New article!

    Thank you!
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    South American Dwarfs - environment height

    I don't know enough to comment on suitability, but that tank is very pretty. :-)
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    Recommendations for sand?

    Thanks for all the advice everyone.
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    Recommendations for sand?

    Thanks @TCMontium, that is very useful information. I searched around and it looks like the JBL products are available in the UK or Europe but I am not finding anyone in the USA who has them. By any chance do you know of another product that is similar that I might be able to find in the USA...
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    Recommendations for sand?

    Hi all - I'm thinking of rebooting my current tank and replacing the gravel with sand that I hope will be a better substrate for my A. agassizii and some dwarf corys. Does anyone have any recommendations of specific sand I should buy, or at least characteristics to look for? Thanks! Larry
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    I'm (finally) off and running!

    Looks good, love that big branch sticking up!
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    Filtration for Apisto Aquariums

    I like the "mattenfilters" from Swiss Tropicals, just a foam slab with an air-driven tube that pulls water through it and back into the main part of the tank: http://www.swisstropicals.com/library/mattenfilter/ Super gentle but really good biological filtration.
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    New article! Apistogramma sp. "D10"

    Thanks @Tom C !
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    Easy Summer Brine Shrimp

    That's a good tip - what kind of outdoor temps are you having?
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    I love my Apistos

    I got my first ones a little while ago (Agassizii trio) but I currently have them in a community tank and am not sure if they are going to spawn there. Haven't had time to set up a specific tank for them.
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    I love my Apistos

    HI Garri, I am in Denver, also curious if you are still breeding them.
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    Need Solutions for powering multiple sponge filters in (3) tanks

    "If this was 1975, I'd recommend a Silent Giant air pump" Oh, man, I used to love those pumps. :-) Did you ever take one apart to look inside? The air pump was literally housed inside an empty soup can, with sand packed between the can and the outer plastic housing to dampen the vibration.
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    Dealing with hard water and high pH

    Thanks @Mike Wise, good to know.
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    Dealing with hard water and high pH

    Hi - I've got a community planted tank that has been set up for quite a while, and recently added a few A. agassizii. They're doing great but I'd like to make the conditions more accommodating to them. The tank has gravel substrate and over the past few months I've been adding a decent amount...
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    Help to confirm ID, please

    Thanks @Mike Wise , that info is much appreciated.