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    Recommendations for sand?

    Hi all - I'm thinking of rebooting my current tank and replacing the gravel with sand that I hope will be a better substrate for my A. agassizii and some dwarf corys. Does anyone have any recommendations of specific sand I should buy, or at least characteristics to look for? Thanks! Larry
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    Dealing with hard water and high pH

    Hi - I've got a community planted tank that has been set up for quite a while, and recently added a few A. agassizii. They're doing great but I'd like to make the conditions more accommodating to them. The tank has gravel substrate and over the past few months I've been adding a decent amount...
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    Help to confirm ID, please

    Hi - I was sold this pair as "yellow A. agassizii", can anyone help confirm or deny? Here are two pics of each one: Thanks! Larry