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  1. allentwnguy

    should i ever clean a sponge filter?

    I run 30 tanks and clean sponge filters perhaps twice a year. It is usually when I think the flow has been cut down by particles trapped in the filter. When I do the next water change I fill 2 buckets with tank water. I take the filter out as delicately as possible being careful not to...
  2. allentwnguy

    How do Wean fry off live bbs?

    I also always include live bbs in the diets of my fish. When fry get about half an inch they will tackle frozen blood worms. When they get hungry they will eat. Most of my apistos will eat tetra-min flakes. I would let them go without food for a day or two and see what they will eat.
  3. allentwnguy

    Removing Fry from parents?

    Ditto on the breeder boxes. While I'm not a breeder... I've raised 100's of fry and almost all of my apisto's I have were born in my home. What I have done in the past was monitor the females that are in breeding dress. I use some apisto huts. When I find a female with eggs or wrigglers I...
  4. allentwnguy

    Pure Fish Works ?

    I've dealt with Dave 3 times. What I can say as a purchaser... Don't over extend yourself. If there is a problem give the seller a fair chance to make good. If he does and you still aren't happy with the seller's quality/shipping/attitude chalk up one to experience and don't do business with...
  5. allentwnguy

    Buffalo, NY apisto's for sale

    I don't ship which is why I said Buffalo, NY local pickup. I have Cacs triple reds, Sp Tefe and Alto Tapiche (tefes and alto tapiche are in water 4.5 - 5.0 PH). Selling Cacs @ $5 per fish and Tefe and Alto Tapiche @ $7. I really need to thin out the numbers of fish I have!
  6. allentwnguy

    US Apistogrammmas availability

    Off topic....... Thanks for the link to those pictures. I've been wanting to confirm that I had actual sp. Tefe. It seems I have a tank full. All of the males look just like the pictures. It's kind of rough getting rid of them due to the water parameters needed for them to be happy...
  7. allentwnguy

    Bloodworms ok for cacatuoides?

    I second Mikes post. I actually feed bloodworms daily. BUT I feed a flake food first which most of my apisto's eat readily. I let them clean and forage the tanks then later on it is blood worms, wide disbursement, very few in each area so all have an opportunity to get one or two..... if...
  8. allentwnguy

    Male apistogramma health

    I've had similar issues with my very first Apistos years ago. Cacatuoides Triples. I purchased 2 pair, 1DOA and was left with a female and 2 males. The eventual dominant male had the sub male contained in a clay flower pot breeding cave and wouldn't let him out and when he did come out he was...
  9. allentwnguy

    Anyone have tips for hatching BBS?

    I also have been hatching bbs nightly for years. I use a 1 liter water bottle inverted bottom cut out (reversed for lid). I have a cap for the bottom that allows air bubbles and draining of the shrimp. I'll try to post a pic. I also have a JBL artemio set up from Europe I have not had the...
  10. allentwnguy

    Male or Female sp. D39???

    Ditto on the young age sexing. I had that problem with my first apistos. In fact my avatar pic is them. I bought 2 pair and got 3 males and one female. Luckily these two paired up. He killed (drove out of the tank) one male and confined the other to a sunken flower pot! She had several...
  11. allentwnguy

    Cacatuoides fry care

    Not intentionally setting out to breed cacs, I have several generations and 100's of them! I have begun to leave the mother and fry in the main tank and let nature take its course. What I have done is used mainly the small Cobalt apisto huts (and DIY coconut huts). With the apisto huts only...
  12. allentwnguy

    Apisto Cacatuoides

    I've never seen a female with that much color.
  13. allentwnguy

    Apisto Cacatuoides

    To me that does look like a sub dominant male. It looks like it has some black mottling in its tail. I've never had that in a female. On the flip side it does have the black edge on its ventral fin! You can get some red on the edge of the dorsal fin in a female though. I would bet it's a...
  14. allentwnguy

    Coco fiber for substrate?

    I would go for a natural look with leaf litter etc to get that "brown" natural aquascape your apistos will love. Using coco fiber under sand sounds like it will end up a mess. You will have to eventually vacuum the mulm and you will be pulling up the fibers. I don't understand the reasoning...
  15. allentwnguy

    apistos and high ph

    Cacatuoides are almost bullet proof. I keep them in about 7.2 PH or basically what comes out of the tap from Lake Erie. The same with agazizzi double reds. But my Alto Tapiche I keep at 4.5 PH and my sp. Tefe at about 5.5. It all depends on the source water where the fish originate as to...
  16. allentwnguy

    Tips on breeding Sp Alto Tapiche

    I know it is not the most accepted method but I make a diluted solution of RO water and sodium bisulfate (NaHSO₄) 1 gram to 1 liter of water. I use it to drop the PH to the desired #. I also heavily use botanicals.
  17. allentwnguy

    Tips on breeding Sp Alto Tapiche

    I had gotten 5 wild caught Alto Tapiche from a major seller I will no longer do business with. They were beaten up, had open sores etc. I put them into the tank I set up for them then took the two worst looking fish into another tank to try and save the rest. I had one female, I was able to...
  18. allentwnguy

    Tips on breeding Sp Alto Tapiche

    I had gotten 5 wild caught Alto Tapiche from a major seller I will no longer do business with. They were beaten up, had open sores etc. I put them into the tank I set up for them then took the two worst looking fish into another tank to try and save the rest. I had one female, I was able to...
  19. allentwnguy

    Reference thermometer...anyone use one?

    Like Mike I heat the fish room not the tanks. I do use heaters in tanks where the fish require higher temp water like the wood cats (80*). The main use I have for the thermometer (cheap laser) is to match temps for water changes. It doesn't matter how off the thermometer is as long as I get...
  20. allentwnguy

    Female move eggs from one cave to another?

    WoW day 2 and able to eat bbs! My Agassizii Double Reds never produced fry. My Cacatuooides are a different matter I would say I'm close to 1K on them. They usually take several days before being able to eat bbs. The same with my sp. tefe and alto tapiche. I guess they just have smaller...