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  1. allentwnguy

    Buffalo, NY apisto's for sale

    I don't ship which is why I said Buffalo, NY local pickup. I have Cacs triple reds, Sp Tefe and Alto Tapiche (tefes and alto tapiche are in water 4.5 - 5.0 PH). Selling Cacs @ $5 per fish and Tefe and Alto Tapiche @ $7. I really need to thin out the numbers of fish I have!
  2. allentwnguy

    Spawning in the wild frequency?

    Hi guys/gals. I was wondering if anyone has read any articles about Apisto's wild spawning habits. I ask this because my cacs just keep on spawning. I started with 2 pair that turned out to be one female and 3 males in August 2016. One male was chased out of the tank. I don't know how he...
  3. allentwnguy

    Advice on motherless fry

    Here's the situation. I got in 5 wild caught alto tapiche on July 27th. They were young largest being 2 1/2 inches. They were kind of beat up. One had a round wound just behind the eye and 3 others had marks on their bodies. I had a 10gal set up for them with a ph just over 5, they were...