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    How do Wean fry off live bbs?

    So my Apisto Borellii are now around 8-9 weeks old. How do I wean them off bbs because when I tried frozen they kind of ignore it. Am I doing it too early because some pieces of frozen brine shrimp are still almost as big as the fry itself lol.
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    Is Fry Death Normal?

    Hi guys, Once again I have a 33G Long tank, with three female Borellii's, what started as 60 fry and 3 amano shrimp. The fry are coming to around 3-4 weeks old now, depending on which female we're talking about. However, Ive noticed that every 1-3 days I'll find a dead fry or two. Is this...
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    Removing Fry from parents?

    Hello community, once again.... lol I was just wondering when or if I should separate the fry into a breeder box? I have 3 female and 2 male borellii along with 3 amano shrimp in a 33G long tank. All the females laid eggs at the same time and they all hatched, although ive noticed a lot of...
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    ADA Aquasoil and TDS

    Im currently using a 75% RO/ 25% tap water ratio for my planted apisto tank. When I make the water outside of the tank at this ratio, I get a TDS of 50-55 which is fine for my purposes. When I add ferts (Thrive) to that mix (still outside of the tank) I get a TDS of 75ish. However, I decided to...
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    Water Parameters for Breeding

    Hey guys, I did a couple of water tests from different sources using the liquid API test kit. Do the values below seem correct or did I do the test wrong? Personally I found it hard to see when the GH turned from "orange to green". If theses values do make sense, which type of water is best...
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    Water Flow Issue?

    I understand the importance of having good water flow throughout the tank for plants and fish. I have this 4 foot long 33G tank and as you can see in the picture (which I hope worked) I have the filter (AC 50) on the left side of the center brace. I was wondering if there would be enough water...
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    Apisto Stock

    Im about to set up a 33G Long. It measures 48x12x12. If my goal is to have them breed, How many apisto species would I be able to have and how many males and females of each would I be allowed to stock? I was thinking the following ... Apisto Borelli 1f/1m Triple Reds 2f/1m Cherry shrimp...
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    WTF Happened to my fry?

    Hello guys, I have a question. My borelli spawned in my 23G tank around 3 weeks ago and I had around 25-30 fry. I fed them Microworms 2-3 times a day and changed 10-15% of the water each day as well. I also leave a light on in the room at night. The fry were free swimming for the past I'd say...
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    Apistos Wigglers QUestion

    So I bought a pair of Apisto Borellii for my 23G tank. The ONLY other inhabitants are 2 broze cories, 6 red cherry shrimp and 3 Amano Shrimp. Upon receiving the Apisto's They got ich so I jacked up the heat to 32C/89F. They started getting better and nothing in the tank died. Not only did the...