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  1. MonteSS

    Aggasizi not happy with tank mates

    Had to put the Aggasizi Tefe Orange in the 20L with some hybrid Con x HRP I am growing out. Not sure she is so happy about it LOL
  2. MonteSS

    Big pale Panduro

    I have this cool big male Panduro about 3". Lots of blue hilites. Orange on pects but not alot in the tail.
  3. MonteSS

    Cac Orange Flash dorsal

    I have had a couple from different sources and they seem to not have the high dorsal spines that other Cacs do. Are Orange flash different or is it not a male? Poor or bad genetics since so far from wild? Anyone have pics of Orange flash with high dorsal extensions? Thanks
  4. MonteSS

    Agassizi Tefe Orange

    Nice pair from Apistodave in a 10g. Male had alot more orange but darkend up when I added all the leaves. They seem to like it and get along well.
  5. MonteSS

    Bitaeniata Shishita coloring

    I have a pair in a 10g. Male has great finnage but lacks color. Think its poor stock, inmaturatly, or just the sand color?
  6. MonteSS


    Had these wild caught a while ago. Do we still see these imported? Great Apisto and I miss them.
  7. MonteSS


    Got some fish mixed up Thanks
  8. MonteSS

    Photo contest

    Putting this here (since most seem to come here) if its allowed to remind people to send May entries. http://www.apistogramma.com/forum/threads/accepting-may-2014-potm-submissions.18264/#post-87100
  9. MonteSS

    ID. Am I annoying y'all yet?

    First is the suspected Steel Blue colouring up nicely.Yellowish fish is unknown by the seller. Third is small Apache and the rest are obvious. The Cacs get a lil grumpy at feeding time. Any ideas on yellowish fish. Was sold to retailer as Borelli but obviously not. I think its male by size...
  10. MonteSS

    Got my Borelli!!

    I had three apisto Borelli females yellowing up and waiting for a male. I just got two males this morning from Josh at Batfish and they are already coloring up and eating. What beautiful fish. I hope they all work out in the 20 long Also got some Apisto Bitaeniata shi****a + a few others that...
  11. MonteSS


    Found a new little shop by me that had these (labeled as) Aggasizi. Owner was not very informed and could not tell me strain. They were rather large a 2-2.5". I assumed at that size they were male. But pretty much colorless. They were in with Salvini so stressed. For $7 I figured I wough take a...
  12. MonteSS

    How many Borelli

    In a 10g? In a 20 long?
  13. MonteSS

    46g Apistos

    Rescaped the 46g Bow with cedar wood and thick with plastic plants. I like the look and it really works well to seperate territories. The Angels and Tetras feel at home. Apistos come to the front quite often. Mostly all males and they get along well. A. Trifaciata male and female they...
  14. MonteSS

    Some good dealers

    Been getting some nice Apistos lately. From Apistodave I got a pair of Agassizi fire Red, pair of Agassizi Tefe Orange, and a pair of beutiful F1 Borreli Paraguay. Got some Cac triple red and Orange Flash from a hobbyist that ships. [email protected] And Borelli Blue and Apache...
  15. MonteSS

    N. America Looking for Male Borelli Blue

    I have four females and need a male of decent size. Shipped to Virginia. Thanks
  16. MonteSS

    Not ready yet

    Apisto Trifasciata in a 26 bow. One female is yellowed up pretty good and the other gets slightly chased of by the male. He does not really display or show interest. Think this will change? Very outgoing fish that are not shy and dont hide. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HolCzD-OCX8 The fry...
  17. MonteSS

    Slow growers

    I have 5 about 3/4" Borelli blue in a 10g and a trio of Trifasciata in a 26G. Weekly water changes and Nitrate is around 5. PH is 7.2. I feed frozen brine shrimp every other day and flake or crumbles the other days. Live food is not available to me. Can I feed BS every day? More than once a...
  18. MonteSS

    All male tank

    I have a trifasc trio in a 24" 26g and 5 Borelli growing out in a 10g. I have a free 36" 46g and was thinking of putting a few different male Apistos in it. I know this is frowned upon here but can it work in a smallish tank like that? Will they just fight or can they coexist? Was looking...
  19. MonteSS

    Trifas coloring up

    Male is about 1.75 and two females are about 1". Females are still young but lots of flirting. ....Bill