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  1. MonteSS

    A. Agassizii "Double Red" female colour

    She will be kicking his butt soon enough
  2. MonteSS

    My apisto borelli pair ;)

  3. MonteSS

    New Tank

    Nice pickup. They should do fine in that big of a tank. Couple Angels would be great in there too. I was never into Angels but really enjoy them. I have two with the apistos and all get along great.
  4. MonteSS

    New Tank

    LOL I posted on CDL about the jewel you got. You should pop on our Teamspeak. Lot of fun there.
  5. MonteSS

    Agassizi Tefe Orange

    In the 10g I had sand and oak leaves from the yard. My PH normaly is 7.2. Adding ALOT of oak leaves brought it down to 6.8. They did show some interest in each other at that time. She yellowed up. But no spawn. He used to chase her a little but the leaves were so thick she hid easily. Then she...
  6. MonteSS

    Free to good fishkeeper

    Nice setup. I hope all goes well with your health.
  7. MonteSS

    New Tank

    King of Scotland. Tank looks great. Dont be a stranger...Bill (BULLPUPP}
  8. MonteSS

    Ap. Trifasciata undernourished

    Tank looks very nice
  9. MonteSS

    Aggasizi not happy with tank mates

    Had to put the Aggasizi Tefe Orange in the 20L with some hybrid Con x HRP I am growing out. Not sure she is so happy about it LOL
  10. MonteSS

    Please help ID new apisto and additional tank makes

    No pic. I guess Cacatuide, Aggasizi, Blue Steel, or Wangenflecken
  11. MonteSS

    another pair of apisto's

    24" tank is too small for two pairs IMO
  12. MonteSS

    ID Please!!!

    Very nice fish.
  13. MonteSS

    Apistogramma sp. Putumayo?

    Nice fish.
  14. MonteSS

    A. panduro/nijsseni?

  15. MonteSS

    Id please

    Pete's beauty is actualy a quad red because it has the red pattern in four different fins. I have never seen what they are now calling Mega Red. Cac Orange flash are beauties too
  16. MonteSS

    Id please

    Cacatuides Triple red
  17. MonteSS

    Apisto ID help?

    Nice. I though you already knew it was female LOL
  18. MonteSS

    46g Apistos

    All male tank going strong and no fighting. Still in the 36" 46g. Cant tell you enough how much I love this tank. Current stock list now is 2 Cac triple red 2 Trifas 2 Borelli 1 Panduro 1 Aggie fire red 1 Wangenflecken 1 Cac Orange flash 1 unknown 2 Angels 12 Black neons 2 Panda Cory
  19. MonteSS

    Big pale Panduro

    This big guy colored up nicely. Beautiful blues in the dorsal and caudal and has the nice orange on the tail.