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  1. curviceps

    Sand turning green

    Hi there, my sand substrate (pool filter sand) is turning green. The tank is in the living room, which unfortunately has too much light from the outside (but the light is diffused through screens). I suspect it is algae, but what type? Short of relocating the tank, how can I reduce or prevent...
  2. curviceps

    Sexing L. curviceps

    Hi everyone Could someone please help me sex this particular L. curviceps? Thanks very much.
  3. curviceps

    ID please (sold as A. meinkeni)

    Hi - I have 1m and 2f apistogrammas, which were labelled as A. meinkeni (wild). The male has a lyrate tail, which did not match the round tail found under meinkeni in Cichlid Atlas 1. Could you please id them? Male: Female 1: Female 2:
  4. curviceps

    ID please

    Hi there I have a juvenile, either borelli opal or hongsloi, male or female? See pictures below. I have my suspicions about what it is, but would appreciate if you could confirm it for me. What do you think it is?
  5. curviceps

    Vinegar eels for Apisto fry?

    Hello, I am interested in your experiences with vinegar eels for apisto fry. Is this an effective food given that I have heard vinegar eels swim around at the top? Can apisto fry get to them? Thanks!
  6. curviceps

    Sexing A. sp "Winkelfleck/Angle-spot"

    Hello. I bought two A. sp "Winkelfleck/Angle-spot", but I'm not too sure of their sexes. Could someone please help sexing these? Thanks Apisto #1 Apisto #2
  7. curviceps

    Lone female A. panduro

    Hi all - my male A. panduro died, and I am not sure what to do with the female. It seems quite agressive, so I am not sure if there will be disaster if I put her into my 200 litre community tank, which currently houses 2 pairs of cacs and a steel-blue (plus tetras and corys). What do you...
  8. curviceps

    Cac's lateral line is kinked

    Hello! One of my cac fries has coloured up nicely but there is a kink on its lateral line (since birth). Please see the pic below... is it a deformity? When viewed from above, its spine does not look bent sideways. Thanks!
  9. curviceps

    All-male Apistos in community tank - advice please

    Hi there I would like to keep a number of different Apistogramma species in my community tank which is 99x47x60cm (LxWxH) in dimension. In order to minimise aggression and disruption in this community tank, I am not intending to breed Apistos in this tank. It will be males-only. (I will...
  10. curviceps

    A. cacatuoides - sudden redness on face and red tint on body

    Hello Here's a pic of my A. cacatuoides "Orange Flash". Just today, it has been acting as the king of the aquarium, swimming around until just a couple of hours ago, when I noticed it was looking miserable and hiding - with redness on its face, a slight red tint on its body and breathing rather...
  11. curviceps

    Is this a male A. cacatuoides?

    Hello I bought this cac thinking it was a male, being the most colourful in a tank of mostly females. Now I'm not so sure - the pelvic fin seems quite dark (at times) and the body does seem quite yellow, although not as yellow as the other females from the same source. When first introduced...
  12. curviceps

    How to increase buffering/alkalinity (KH) but maintain pH

    Hi there Currently, I have my pH at roughly where I want to maintain it - around 6.6, using peat. However, my alkalinity (carbonate hardness) is at 1 dKH. I am a bit concerned about the potential for pH crash given that pH buffering capacity is very low. I do water changes once a week...
  13. curviceps

    L. curviceps & blanched (english) spinach

    Hi all What is your L. curviceps favourite food? Mine eats almost anything, but I recently discovered they (or at least the male) absolutely loves blanched english spinach. Normally it is quite shy and would grab some food and retreat to its favourite hideout, but when there is blanched...
  14. curviceps

    Apistogramma trifasciata couple + cac female

    Hello Recently my male cac died, leaving behind his widow. I tried to find a replacement for her, but was not able to find any (decent) cacs. My wife spotted a A. trifasciata pair, fell in love with them and we ended up with them in the same 50 gallon tank with the remaining female cac...
  15. curviceps

    "Gold Yellow" Cacatoides

    Hello Today, I saw some cacs in an LFS described as "gold yellow", although the label on the tank was "yellow cacatoides". I've never seen these before. The price of these was about 60% that of a "orange flash" cac. Does anyone have any information about this particular strain? Is it...
  16. curviceps

    Male l. curviceps bullying female

    Hi all I have a pair of l. curviceps. Everything seemed fine with the pair attempting to spawn twice, and till recently have been peaceful and enjoying each other's company. However, just after the 2nd spawn attempt, ie after the pair turned dark, started chasing other fish away from their...