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    Agassizii tefe or sp.tefe?

    Hello guys. I just got this guy. It was sold as wild caught apistogramma agassizii tefe. Is that wrong? Is it sp.tefe?
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    Real A. Viejita

    Hello guys. I bought a group of apistos, sold as Apistogramma Viejita Wild caught. Is this the real Viejita? (same fish on both pictures)
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    ID confirmation on A. sp Alto Tapiche

    Hello again, I'm thinking of buying a pair of Apistogramma sp Alto Tapiche. At least the wholesaler claims they are sp Alto Tapiche. But talking to an apisto guy he suspected these are not real sp Alto Tapiche. Is it possible to tell if they are real?
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    Id agassizii

    Hello guys, I just bought this male and it was sold as wild caught apistogramma agassizii. Is it possible to say more than this, perhaps locality?
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    Wild agassizii season

    Hello guys, Normally, when are wild caught agassizii available? More specifically wild agassizii tefe
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    Id Please

    Hello guys, I recently bought a pair of apistos. These were sold as a male and female agassizii brazil wild caught. But I'm very sceptic. What do you think?
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    Male or female borellii

    Hi guys, I hope you are enjoying the summer. Just wanted to know if this is a male or a female. It was sold as wild A. Borellii from Paraguay.
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    Defect tail fin

    Hi guys, I just got a pair of wild A. Agassizii Santarem. I noticed that the male has damaged tail fin. This is the first time I see that on newly arrived Apistogramma. I don't know if you can see the damage on the pictures. I know that fins sometimes are damaged during transportation, but are...
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    Breitbinden or megaptera?

    Hello. Can you guys ID these please.
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    How many A.Hongsloi

    Hello, I have a Juwel Lido 120 tank with bottom size 60 x 40 cm. The tank is planted and I also have 3 caves there. As tankmates for my apistos, I will have 5 N.Marginatus. I'm planning to get some A.Hongsloi but I don't know how many. I thought you guys might have some suggestion. 1 male + 3...
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    ID please

    I would like to know what species these guys are. I don't even know if these are male or female. And I don't know if they both are the same species. The only information I have is that the are wildcaught and have spawned twice. But I don't know if the eggs were hatched. These are at least 1 year...
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    Id please

    I would like to know what species these guys are. The only thing I know is that they are wild caught. I don't know if they are male/female. Not even if they are same species. Thanks :)