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  1. wethumbs

    Acaras and Rams Suitable Tankmates?

    Is never a good idea to buy discus hiding in a corner. Judging from the eye size (to head height), both of them are stunted and will never grow to a normal size discus. As for the color strains, you have them properly labeled.
  2. wethumbs

    Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi genetics and color

    1) Mostly not, since each types can breed true, even the gold electric blue ram breeds true as well. 2) Electric blue is incomplete dominant, gold is recessive.
  3. wethumbs

    Repashy gel food to administer meds?

    Repashy food 'melts' in water too. Dont believe me, take a small portion of it and leave it in a container with a control without Repashy for awhile. Give both container a good shaking. Once everything settles, measure the conductivity of the water in both container.
  4. wethumbs

    Wondering if someone can sex my "Pair" of super red apistos

    Right is a male and so is the one on the left. The lack of dark front edges on the ventral fins for the left fish points to a male. Also, young female will never have that much color on the unpaired fins. Only when females get much older would the color comes through like a male. Better luck...
  5. wethumbs

    Sex ratios and temperature

    SPSS was originally designed for social science where there are large data sets available. In most science and engineering, typically it is expensive and time consuming to run experiments and data sets are well controlled and limited therefore SPSS would not be applicable. The whole idea is to...
  6. wethumbs

    Sex ratios and temperature

    It reminds me of the RS/1. Personally, I prefer SAS, is like working with MS DOS versus Windows.
  7. wethumbs

    Sex ratios and temperature

    Dr. Romer used Design of Experiments (DOE) for his studies. DOE is widely used in engineering, pharmaceutical, and many other areas of applications. He used 2 factors interactions (temp. and pH) for his experiments with CSS-Statistica statistical software to do the analysis. I personally used...
  8. wethumbs

    TDS vs hardness

    Don't underestimate yourself. I remember I hated electromagnetism from my freshmen general Physics classes, so I loathed the two junior required courses of electromagnetism. Through hard work, I aced both of them. Quantum mechanics was a different story though, that's what separate the men...
  9. wethumbs

    Sex ratios and temperature

    The 600hrs (25 days) is a simple estimation of his data set. It is not exact at all. His data set was also limited to only a few species. Study the graphs on p.153 and 154 and you will understand (or maybe not).
  10. wethumbs

    South American Fish Order

    The pleco prices seem way too high. I have never seen L66 asking for $100, or L134 for $91. Are they for 1 or a group? I breed plecos like L46, L66, L134, L201, L260, L262, L340 etc etc, so I know the pricing for WC pleco very well. I am wondering if you are getting rip off.
  11. wethumbs

    N. America FS: Apistogramma erythrura 'Rio Mamore'

    Two pairs would be your best bet. Juveniles mean unsex which could have you end up with mostly one sex. PM me for details.
  12. wethumbs

    apisto Elizabethae

    Treatment is for fish of course, this is after all a fish forum. Certain type of water-soluble antibiotic has been known to be effective against it.
  13. wethumbs

    Storing frozen foods once defrosted?

    Repashy once made would go bad in couple weeks even when keep in refrigeration.
  14. wethumbs

    apisto Elizabethae

    It generally takes 30 days and require vitamin B-6 supplement. The disease can spread to human and manifest as a skin disorder through a cut or opening on the skin.