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  1. uberape

    spawned in hardwater

    I did in fact go from Linke & Staeck, I have the book MIKE, but it was that source verses a multitude of opposite information. Everybody from store owners to breeders and every single online profile I read was opposite. It was the page by Martin and Tom which threw me into doubt...
  2. uberape

    spawned in hardwater

    my wild cacas have spawned in hard water- ph 7.6, hardness 268 ppm. not a huge batch but I cant really see them at the moment. For me this makes a lot of the online profiles misleading.
  3. uberape

    Dwarf cichlid in a 22 gal,plus some questions :)

    i was misold gravel as being ph and hardness neutral, my ph is 7.6 and hardness 240 ppm. I can tell you that cacatuoides and bolivian rams are ok with this water quality. I have wild cacas and they are breeding in this water. I really think cacas are just lumped in with other apisto's when it...
  4. uberape

    y'aright? fae Edinburgh

    hey im from edinburgh too and strangely i have the same community tank aspirations (although I wish at times I had listened to the experts) but I have had success in the past and although broods are wittled down to 5-6, i find this a natural number and I dont have to dedicate months to giving...
  5. uberape

    my new tank etc.

    the grass is Sagittaria subulata and the plant is hygrophilia corymbosa siamensis. they are both easy to grow with some kind of root nurishment. the floating plant is amazon frogbit. these are very much the easiest plants you can have. the mosses take a little extra care to establish and must...
  6. uberape

    my new tank etc.

    yeah I was really lucky, it was a free tank randomly given. I dont think you can easily buy them with these dimensions. 43 and 20 is still a good size, actually i struggle to light the last 18". are you going planted?
  7. uberape

    my new tank etc.

    its 60/18/ 15 - length/width/height inches, so 70 gallons but the floorspace is good for 70g. my friend gave it to me from his office who wer'nt using it, score.
  8. uberape

    my new tank etc.

    so here's a three month update and yes the table is still holding. Everything works at a very manageable pace with a dirt substrate, the plants grow so far then seem to just relax but not die. I'm happy with it, no c02 no ferts, lights are under 2 watts per gallon. easy peasy. I do get alot of...
  9. uberape

    Comment by 'uberape' in media 'A. Cacatuoides breeding'

    what an amazing photograph
  10. uberape

    wtb cacatuoides male uk (edin)

    looking for a caca male or two. Im sort of desperate after a wild male just upped and died, to join two wild females. probably need to post as i have no transport.
  11. uberape

    Slow growers

    I get home made food from uk ebay, they give you the % protein and fat. if you want them to grow the higher the better. also the miracle of really clean water.
  12. uberape

    How to make apistos more beautiful?

    baby brine shrimps are better for colour, or there is cyclopeeze, but i can never get them to eat that personally. you can try decapsulated brine shrimp eggs they are pretty tiny but the fish sift through the sand and eat them that way.
  13. uberape

    Problem breedind cacatuoides

    hey, i would suggest moving the coconut to the back left corner, better even to replace it with a plain ceramic mug, then enclose it off with your rocks into a little secret hide away, secret from you as well as fish. make the entry facing away from your sight. perhaps divide the tank into two...
  14. uberape

    Foggy Eye Help

    My fish got foggy eye' when the tank was not quite cycled. I removed them from the tank and it cleared up. if you have ick I would concern myself with how new the tank is and if the conditions are sweet for the fish. Really clean water thats the right quality for them will cure it short term, I...
  15. uberape

    my new tank etc.

    now I am... no im pretty certain there is no problem with the weight at the ends. the table is solid hard wood with short thick legs and it takes the pressure. I have a light that runs across the whole tank that I switch on when im in the room, the main light s for the plants- grasses and...