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Recent content by themountain

  1. themountain

    A. atahualpa

    I really like your tank ! How big is it ?
  2. themountain

    Water Flow Issue?

    Most Apistos usually do not appreciate too much water flow...thats my experience.
  3. themountain

    Kribs sex ratio determination?

    Found this on this matter ...https://www.seriouslyfish.com/sex-ratio-in-kribensis-influenced-by-environment/
  4. themountain

    Kribs sex ratio determination?

    Well...my educated guess would be maybe temperature...there are studies on Killi and Cichlids that this certainly hasan influence.
  5. themountain

    Copella callolepis (sensu Zarske)

    Looking forward to that!!:)
  6. themountain

    Carbon Affects pH?

    My carbon block filter does nothing to my pH----> in 7.7 out 7.5...barely noticeable
  7. themountain

    How to decrease pH?

    You could buy some purified water and mix it in when you do waterchange...125l doesnt sound so complicated to deal with. How hard is your tap water anyway?
  8. themountain

    How to decrease pH?

    Certainly right but for every ° KH consumed by hydrochloric acid, the conductivity increases by approx. 11 μS / cm and per half of the KH the pH decreases by 0.3 units..so the you have to do the math to the water you have . There is probably no way around a cation/anion exchanger when your water...
  9. themountain

    How to start breeding in hard water?

    Good idea Spidy ! As I said before live food is essential...maybe you could catch some on the weekend in some ponds around ? Mosquito larvae and such.
  10. themountain

    How to decrease pH?

    But there are so many other ways to do ...like with hydrocloric acid for example.
  11. themountain

    How to decrease pH?

    I guess you didn´t read my post in the other thread :oops:...its not so difficult to adjustv pH...tons of info online . Honestly I wouldnt use rainwater in the London area :D https://www.wikihow.com/Adjust-Water-pH
  12. themountain

    How to start breeding in hard water?

    You should think about some worm culture ;)....life food is essential!
  13. themountain

    How to start breeding in hard water?

    There is a very simple solution which helps a lot ...a peat cannon ;)..https://www.remowiechert.de/torfkanone.html I know its in German but you get the point :D Other solution is https://www.homebase.co.uk/bwt-inline-drinking-water-filter-kit_p423571 BTW....what do you feed them?
  14. themountain

    Sand Substrate

    1. sand cover at least 3cm 2. No 3. No gravel vac! 4. I doubt it but I prefer sponge filters because after a while micro organism live in it which is perfect for fry.
  15. themountain

    Guppies as dither fish

    no they dont...but I hope you put only male guppies in....otherwise your tank will be full of them in notime :D