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Recent content by JosVermeulen

  1. JosVermeulen

    White caucatodies

    Both look male to me.
  2. JosVermeulen

    Apistogramma phylogeny - Tougard et al.

    Thank you for this article! I saw you were going to make one in my thread, and I'm glad you delivered.
  3. JosVermeulen

    Article: Tempo and rates of diversification in the South American cichlid genus Apistogramma

    I found this article and thought you guys might find it interesting as well: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0182618 Abstract Evaluating biodiversity and understanding the processes involved in diversification are noticeable conservation issues in fishes...
  4. JosVermeulen

    Uncertain on Apisto Safe Food

    What's the concern if they are thawed? It's vacuum sealed and sterilized of bacteria, meaning that even if they happen to have thawed for a day or two they should not have any issues, right?
  5. JosVermeulen

    EB Acara theory about hybrididzing with rams

    So, I know this isn't the best forum to ask this, but I know there are a lot of knowledgeable people here, so I thought, why not ask here. I read on an article by Nathan Hill that some people seem to think that the EB Acara comes from crossbreeding the normal Blue Acara with Rams by artificial...
  6. JosVermeulen

    Female Apistogramma viejita died

    Yeah, A. viejita isn't really common in the hobby, that's why it is even worse. And didn't have fry before sadly enough.
  7. JosVermeulen

    Female Apistogramma viejita died

    Here's she now: I'm so gutted about this, since she was starting to show signs that she was breeding. Resided in her cave, male around her. And suddenly out of nowhere she's dead now. There seems to be no cause for this and I'm gutted. Sorry if I posted this here, but I felt like I needed to...
  8. JosVermeulen

    Red hongsloi

    If you're looking at the A. viejita from Wet Spot, that's "Trade viejita", so basically just a commercial form of A. macmasteri.
  9. JosVermeulen

    Red hongsloi

    I think you mean color form II?
  10. JosVermeulen

    Apistogramma megastoma, a new maternal larvophilic mouth-brooding apisto

    If I'm not mistaken this has been labeled A. sp. "Kelleri", A. sp. "Diamond Face" and A. sp. "Jutai".
  11. JosVermeulen

    Apistogramma megastoma, a new maternal larvophilic mouth-brooding apisto

    Here's the paper: http://www.senckenberg.de/files/content/forschung/publikationen/vertebratezoology/vz67-2/00_vertebrate_zoology_67-2_roemer-et-al_pre-release.pdf
  12. JosVermeulen

    Keeping Apistogramma viejita with Dicrossus

    So a pair of rams would actually be better? I hadn't actually thought of that. Thanks for the info Tom!
  13. JosVermeulen

    Keeping Apistogramma viejita with Dicrossus

    No, it's actually A. viejita, I have pics of it on this website. They got caught by Ernst Van Genne near Puerto Gaitan and I think Tom C also was there then, but I could be wrong. And I wasn't asking about a harem or group of A. viejita, I have the pair there, but TDS is too high and I got...
  14. JosVermeulen

    Keeping Apistogramma viejita with Dicrossus

    At first I was thinking D. filamentosus, but you said they weren't robust enough. My pair isn't aggressive at all and rather shy, so could it work? Or would something like D. maculatus work better? And could either of those be kept in a group, or would a harem always be better?
  15. JosVermeulen

    Who can give me a picture of the apisto sp D50

    Thanks for the explanations guys :)