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Recent content by henkh

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    As @dw1305 said, it is difficult for some of the species to find females. Right now i have a tank running for over 1 year now, ready for one of the badis/dario species. Very difficult to find a healthy group with females. I think they are gorgious. And because of the small size very suitable to...
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    Filtration for Apisto Aquariums

    Spongefilter or Hamburger mattenfilter. I am a huge fan for the last system.
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    Apistogramma Barlowi

    Ok, params look oké, however i think lowering pH direction 5 and temp little higher direction 84 fajrenheit can help. That´s the params they are found in. About size, your male is about 9cm? (I think this equals 3.5 inch, what is adult size. Barlowi is one of the larger apisto's).
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    Apistogramma Barlowi

    How old is the couple? How does the environment look like? Water parameters?
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    Help, dead rams

    I would recommend use only the RO water without additions. Then you have a good starting point. I always have a tank full of RO water with airstone and pump to circulate to get it full of oxygen as possible. pH is neutral and tds is low (appr 50 max but with very good RO installation maybe...
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    Help, dead rams

    The 23 degrees celsius is to cold fr rams but possible conversion error? Need minimal 26/27 degrees but preferable 28. You speak that water is very good. How certain are you? For 65liter you have a pretty large amount of fish. How often do you water changes? And you use remineralized RO water...
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    Combining M. ramirezi and Dicrossus in a 720L tank?

    In my experience dicrossus and ramirezi can be kept together. And certainly when the tank is 720liters. No problems to expect.
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    Apistogramma eremnopyge fry

    Very nice. Spec on ;ast pic the fry is visible. Question, the white stone on the first pic, what kind of stone is that? Looks CA containing stone?
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    Amazon Biotope

    I feeed habrosus mainly frozen like black mosquito, artemia, if i have live food they get it also and some spirulina flakes.
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    Selecting fish for breeding

    In general you can say that an outcross adds vitality to a breeding line. In cross will decrease vitality. Oké, this looks like it has nothing to do with coloration, but vitality also means power to reproduce and what is needed for reproduction. So in terms of keeping a species/strain healthy...
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    looking for A. sp. amapá male

    Hi Cor, Within few weeks i hope to have these again. Contacts are running.
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    South American Biotope (Planning)

    Nice and good planning. Curious at the next stage....
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    Re introducing myself

    Tx Josh!
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    European Sellers

    It is ste12000 on this forum. Try this thread http://www.apistogramma.com/forum/index.php?threads/new-spawns-in-the-fishroom-this-week.8745/ and try PM him. He hasn't been active quite some months.
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    Re introducing myself

    I haven't been active here quite some time due to busy at work. I am Henk, from netherlands. Age 54 years (yep, really an old man) and keeping tropical fish since i was about 8 years. Dwarf cichlids are favorit, amongst them of course apisto's, mikrogeophagus and others. This moment concerning...