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Recent content by Goongseu

  1. Goongseu

    what is this?

    Hi, everyone I have set a new apisto tank last two weeks. so, there is no fish. Today I found some very small white tread like animal in my new tank. It seems small earthworm or a kind of parasites? A video clip file has been attached.
  2. Goongseu

    How about inbreeding?

    Hi all. Today my young Api. panduro pairs spawn some eggs withn their shelter. However, I have worried about somthing wrong because they are sibling. I wonder how wrong the inbreeding is ? Thank you.
  3. Goongseu

    Is gindalworm suitable for the first food for Apisto's fry?

    Hello. Recently, I started keeping Apisto (agassizii and Panduro) and I've tried to culture grindalworm for my Apistos. So, I don't have any experience to breed any Apisto's fry. I wonder whether very small Apisto's fry could eat relatively large grindalworm or not when they eat something for...
  4. Goongseu

    Wild caught panduro fry

    Thankyou for comment. Following your suggestion, the male Panduro has been separated from the female with small transparent chamber in the same tank. A photo of my wild caught male Panduro and next is female one.
  5. Goongseu

    Wild caught panduro fry

    Wow. Thank you for showing me wonderful footage. Now I have a pair of Api. panduro. But, They are not paired. Male chases female away. Could you give me a tip to get them paired well?
  6. Goongseu

    There is something problem of my agassiizii's side fin.

    Thank all you for kind concerns. However, I found the dead today moning. It,s so sad. It,s difficult for me to keep nice apistos.
  7. Goongseu

    There is something problem of my agassiizii's side fin.

    Hello 2 days ago, A young male Agassizii doublered has seemed sick. He stayed alone long time in the cave or shelter, and didn't eat. Today, I found something like a globular nodule on the root of his right side fin. I don't konw what it is.. fungal infection or bacteria colony? Please tell me...
  8. Goongseu

    German bred Apistogramma guttata

    Wow it seems like leopard in the aquarium. Good to watch
  9. Goongseu

    1st post...going to ask a lot of questions.

    It,s a very nice plated aquarium. I think it,s necessary to have a spongin filter in the aquarium. The filter also prevent making lipid membrane on the surface of water.
  10. Goongseu

    [Question] Is this a female of Apistogrmma panduro?

    Please see the attached images. Thank you.
  11. Goongseu

    [Question] Is this a female of Apistogrmma panduro?

    Hello.. Last Week, a new pair of Apistogramma panduro came to my tank from trofical fish shop. But, I'm not sure this is a female of Api. panduro, because when I search online the Panduro female looks more yellow and quite different from the male. Now, the male in my tank is aggressive to the...
  12. Goongseu

    Forum Rules

    I agree. Thank you for kind introductions