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  1. central tanks

    Mimimum aquarium size for apistogramma macmasteri?

    even a trio in a 20 gallon long is possible as long as you have proper sight breaks and properly decorated. Now like mike said it depends on the fish. I have a trio in a 20 gallon long and its perfect no aggression as each female stacked territory on opposite ends. I also have a 20 gallon where...
  2. central tanks

    now what?

    With my pair of agassizzii after about 3-4 months they went from staying around her to hiding and her darting at them in attack. At this point i removed her as she was attempting to get late night snacks.
  3. central tanks

    Selling Apistogramma Agassizii "Double Red" Femlaes

    bump. also droping price to 6 dollars each but i only have 3. Then one adult female for $10. If your around dallas TX then we can do a pickup. Warning Adult female is a nasty little women. Just about killer my new male had to pull him to separate tank. He will be getting 2 females from fry...
  4. central tanks

    Double Orange Flash Apistogramma

    Ya im assuming they called it double orange flash due to having 2 fins showing orange coloration but then they would just be double orange and not (orange flash), like they label double reds. But honestly when it comes to orange flash they generally have there fins all orange. I dont know when...
  5. central tanks

    LFS water

    I hate to be that guy but i dont think acclimating fish really matters unless you moving them to more acidic water. Slowly drip acclimating them isnt making them used to the water, it takes a long time for them to be used to new water, so dripping for like 12 hours may actually help. Dripping...
  6. central tanks

    Apistogramma cf. agassizii A239 'Pastel' ???

    That is a stunning fish.... kinda makes me want a pair instead of my double reds...
  7. central tanks

    3 Guys and a Girl

    In all honesty the best rout for a community tank will multiple males is to have no females. Females are normally the trouble starters or the reason trouble is started. Now with a 450 liter tank (118 gallons) you may be able to get away with it, wouldn't know as I don't/cant have a tank that...
  8. central tanks

    Selling Apistogramma Agassizii "Double Red" Femlaes

    Hey guys i am selling off all of my fry (i only have females right now) They are 6 months old and about 1 inch long. I have never shipped before but i am willing to try, i believe i know how to do it safely. WIll only ship overnight. $10 dollars each or $40 for 5. These are sexed there is...
  9. central tanks

    Breeding Apitstogramma Agazii "double red"

    Breeding Apitstogramma Agazii "double red"
  10. central tanks

    Buying Looking for Male Agazii double red

    I am in dallas, Texas my female fry are about 6 months old so there pretty close in age, I would have to rehome my adult female in that case.
  11. central tanks

    Apistogrammas Online

    Have yall ordered from wet spot for overnight delivery? Might order from them since Shawn is out of double red males. Issue is there $24 order minimum. Gonna have to throw in some pencilfish or ottos to make the price since males are just $15.
  12. central tanks

    Apistogrammas Online

    I have never shipped fish before so I honestly wouldn't recommend me shipping you them, I don't really actively breed just what ever happens, happens. I believe I found a local guy that is interested in getting a few of them, if I cant sell them locally id be okay with looking into shipping them...
  13. central tanks

    Apistogrammas Online

    my PH is at 7(I believe my wood raises it to 7 as I use RO water). I keep my temp at about 77 degrees F. Which I thought is about the mid point to get a mixed ratio. Please correct me if im wrong. To be fair it is a really small batch of fry with only 5 survivors so not the best numbers to pull...
  14. central tanks

    Apistogrammas Online

    I used a guy called Shawn Flynn for my agazii pair. Am about to order from him again. I believe he uses this site as purefishworks or something like that. He posts in the sell/buy area. I worked with him through facebook, found him on the Apistogramma International page I think. I currently...
  15. central tanks

    Buying Looking for Male Agazii double red

    Hey guys looking for a male Double red as i lost my male a while back, was hoping a current batch of fry would turn up with a male but no such luck. So i know have 1 adult female and 5 6 month old females lol.