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    wooowwww stunning. this form of sp kelleri is wonderful. and Copella are splendid. nice find Tom ;)
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    ID please !!!!

    thancks Mike but you think about this fish ?
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    ID please !!!!

    thancks for the reply ;) no, the female hasn't a large spot or other blotch on her side. I thought it was Apistogramma sp oregon. these fish were purchased as Apistogramma sp matses in a store as Belgian
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    ID please !!!!

    this fishes are wild. http://img692.imageshack.us/i/apisto1.jpg/ http://img842.imageshack.us/i/apisto3.jpg/ http://img85.imageshack.us/i/apisto6.jpg/ http://img408.imageshack.us/i/apisto4.jpg/
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    awsome! What was the name again???

    hi it's a young apistogramma sp pebas for me ;)
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    I like the Genus Apistogramma

    welcome to this forum stephane ;)
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    Pleace help with Identification

    it's seems to me that is an apistogramma eunotus.
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    Live from the Amazon jungle: First catches in 2010

    apistogramma sp christoffersenae or apistoramma sp coolbreeze lol seriously, I don't know
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    Apistogramma mendezi sex

    here a young male.
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    Unknown Apisto

    it's a female ;)
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    Apistogramma mendezi sex

    good luck ;) by hoping that you could see the female just like that later it is the same female. ;)
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    Apistogramma mendezi sex

    therefore for me, it is a female. as this one.
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    Apistogramma mendezi sex

    how long this fish ruki ?
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    Unknown Apisto

    hi raizr for me it's apistogramma sp rotpunkt ;)
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    dicrossus sp rio negro

    My pleasure Tom. everyone who talked to me about this specie have always said that the ph should be very low but some reproduced so I did not listen and took the experience of Gary L. Bartell has reproduced this species.