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    Looking for Apisto cacatuoides near Ottawa Canada

    Looking for apisto cacatuoides - wild or other mutations (red or orange). I am located pin Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Looking for a breeder that would be willing to ship if possible within Canada. Thanks.
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    Looking for breeders in Canada

    Hi, I live in Ottawa Canada and am looking for breeders of apisto species here in Canada who are willing to ship. Looking for Apistogramma cacatuoides - is wild, orange or red. Thanks Frank
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    Looking for apisto cacatuoides breeders

    Thanks again I just found out I need import permits My apologies
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    Looking for apisto cacatuoides breeders

    Thanks Melissa for the reply and offer. I would be interested if you lived in Canada and are willing to ship Shipping from the US to Canada would be a problem. Just found that out If you are in Canada I can be reached at [email protected] Thanks Frank
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    Looking for apisto cacatuoides breeders

    Hi I live in Ottawa Ontario Canada and I looking to purchase pairs or trios of this species of apisto. If yes what colours or mutations do you breed and sell. I am also willing to buy from US breeders if they are willing to ship 1 day delivery up here. Rest assured I will be paying for delivery...